Saturday, June 02, 2007

Today was a very relaxing Saturday. Ed, being the sweet heart that he is, let me sleep in. It's amazing what 30 minutes to an hour of extra sleep will do! I was refreshed. I got dressed and took Fischer to Home Depot to get some more herbs for my herb garden. I'm addicted to planting herbs all over my back porch. :) We met some friends for lunch and then everyone came back home and took a nap. Ahhhhh..... Then I went out for my 6 mile run. Unfortunately I hadn't eaten since lunch and it was 6pm. After 4miles I was feeling very dizzy. So, I ended up walking back and only did 4 miles. :( I've got to learn to time my meals right. That, and eat more protein! LOL (see tracker below)

After my run I stopped at Subway and devoured a sub, then I head to Sports Authority. I'm due for new shoes and found the exact ones I have now on sale! So I bought some. Also picked up some capri running tights and a halter top. I "get" why runners talk about getting fabrics that keep you dry. Otherwise you feel sticky and on long runs, you don't want to feel sticky. :) You need to breath... I eyed the running belts with the mini bottles of water. I think I'm going to need one soon. If I run longer than 3 miles, I need water or some of that "gel" that Power Bar sells. It's like a packet of gel that gives you a booste. Sound gross, but I see it's point.

Here's my tracker:

Tall Mocha: 3 pts
WW muffin: 3 pts

Lunch: (Taco Mac)
Tortilla: 3 pts
Tortilla chips: 4 pts
Cheese dip: 4 pts

Subway Turkey Sub: 6pts
Baked Lays: 2 pts
Diet soda

Total: 25 pts
Activity: 4 miles: 4 AP's

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