Monday, February 18, 2008

Boy am I glad it's Monday! Yesterday was not my best day. Let's just say it involved M&Ms, cookie cake with icing, chips/dip, and Breyer's mint chocolate chip icecream. Can someone say PMS? My word, I was on a mission yesterday! I'm convinced my over eating from Saturday night affected my Sunday. I didn't quite recover. Lesson learned. Moving on.

Good news is that I weighed in for this month and I'm still within my range (140 lbs), so I don't have to pay AGAIN! YAH! I made it back to my Heat class today. Dear Lawd it was hard! But I needed to blast off that icecream. After my workout and weigh in- the kids and I went to one of our favorites restaurants Salsa. I ventured there alone with them in hopes that we could have a nice little lunch out. The moon and stars were aligned and we had a very good time. We ordered chips and salsa and cheese dip! Then just a plate of rice and beans. Fischer and I fill up on the cheese dip and Amelia is my little piggy who still needs a full meal afterwards. I don't normally let them just eat chips and cheese dip- but it was a special treat for "Presents" (Presidents) Day- as Fischer calls it. After lunch we hit the grocery store to get some goods. We needed some fresh fruit and some basics.

Now I'm bathed, dressed and both my kids are having quiet time in their rooms. I'm shocked Amelia isn't passed out, I know she's dead tired. I just pray she falls asleep (most likely against the door) so she'll be in good spirits this afternoon.

Here's my daily tracker and my meal plans for the rest of the day:

B: 1 slices high fiber toast, ICBINB, ALL Fruit grape jelly: 2 pts

S: Mocha: 3 pts

AP: Heat +4 pts

L: Chips, salsa, cheese dip: 9 pts

D:Balsamic Chicken tenders and broccoli: 4 pt

S: Fresh strawberries with a little bit of sugar (marinating in the frig): 2 pts

Total: 16 pts (including APs)

I have 4 pts to spare for a dessert snack or more fruit. We'll see. I need to get some more fruit in there! I'll add an apple.


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