Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feeling thinner

 I'm feeling less "fluffy."  Finally starting to see my stomach go down.  I'm still roughly 179, which is frustrating, but I know the drop will happen soon enough.  I've got a cold, which stinks because Shepherd has been sleeping more and it would be perfect for getting back to exercise.  I have been on a few walks, but nothing to write home about.

Here's my tracker:

Luna bar: 4 pts

Soy Mocha: 4 pts

Kashi Sweet and Sour chicken (frozen meal):  5 pts
Blue corn chips: 3 pts
WW brownie: 2 pts
Gingerale: 3 pts

Progresso 0 pt soup: 1 (I had two servings)
Chips: 3 pts

25 pts

Dinner: Keep it around 11 pts.  

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