About me

Oh my

Okay, okay- I was just 9 months pregnant there- but still.

Here's where I'm fluffy


I lost 80 lbs using Weight Watchers after the birth of my second child in 2006. It was a great program for me and still is a great program for healthy lifestylers. But after I gave birth to my third child in December of 2008, I could not make the plan work for me. I ended up eating nothing but processed foods. And the more I tried to stay in my point range, the more points I ate.  I own that.  But  after much frustration and feelings of failure and fear of never losing the weight again, I did some soul searching and took some time off from points. I needed to push the "reset" button. 

Summer of 2010 I read a book called Women Food and God by Geneen Roth.  Totally rocked my world.  You need to go buy the book now.  Like, now.  I quit my religion of dieting, started slowly loving my whole self (work in progress) and am free from the torturous cycle of "I'll start Monday," and labeling food as "good" and "bad."  

I have no idea what I weigh.  I threw my scale away. It was taking up too much room. Both physically and mentally. 

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