Monday, July 31, 2006

Down 4.2lbs! Okay- so that's over 2 weeks. But still, that's a 2lb loss per week! Whooo hooooo! So I'm at 171.8. I CANNOT wait until I'm in the 160's. I *might* be able to make it by next Monday. We'll see. It's gonna feel so great. At my meeting tonight I got another 5 lbs star. I also got to share how much I've lost total - 54 lbs! It felt good to say it aloud. I'm still mega motivated and ready to be thin! This time next year I want to be a size 6.

One thing I've slacked on is exercise. I'm just so tired. I was able to do a couple yoga and pilate dvds these past few weeks, but that's it. I've slacked on getting that jogger stroller out and walking. I think the heat just bullies me back indoors. But, I know I'll always have an excuse if I let myself. So that will be my next goal: get active!

Fischer is a never ending ball of energy. Maybe I should just follow him around and do what he does. I bet I'd burn so many calories. Kids are funny like that. My baby Amelia, on the other hand, just eats, burps, spits up and poops. Oh, and she smiles all the time. But I'm sure she's not burning calories because she's kicking some serious fat rolls. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful kids. They keep me young and light up my days. They rock! If anything- they are what keeps me on plan and losing weight. I want to be healthy for them.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Finally some pics! I'm at 173 in these pics and those are my "stretchy" size 10s (they fit like all my 12s)! (They look painted on but I had to put them on and take a pic). My goal is to be in my "tight" size 10's here in a few weeks.

Life has been very busy here lately. Monday we bought a car which took all day, so I missed my weigh in. :( Tuesday I ran mad errands with both kids all day and then we had people over for dinner. Wednesday- again lots of errands and a play date. Didn't get home with kids until 7pm (with pizza in tow). Then Thursday I had mom's group at the park. Hot as hell!!! After we drank all our water and sweat it all off- we came home! PHEW. I put kids down for a nap and then went to the grocery store to get stufff for dinner (having people over again). If you're wondering who was home with my kids while I left- my husband works from home- don't call CPS. Got home- made my first pork roast (cooked 2 hours and was juicy!) and then I just sat on the couch and vegged our for a while. I feel like all my days this week have been GO GO GO. But- it does help me stay on plan easier because I'm not bored at home and eating. That's my logic anyway.

I was proud of myself this morning. I went for a piece of Pistachio Marble Pudding cake that I made last night for dessert. I said to myself "I have the flex points- I'll eat it for breakfast- it looks so good!" That's 7 points. I took it out of the container, put in on a plate, poured my coffee, then I actually thought about it. Miracle of all miracles I put that cake back!! (And ate a WW muffin and fruit). That would have never happened before with my old lifestyle. Never. So I consider that a non-scale victory (NSV)- Weight Watchers lingo.

I have a mound of laundry to do and I want to stay in today because I'm sick of driving my NEW car around. Really I'm just cheap and I don't want to fill it up with gas. But my house could use some attention and my baby girl could use her crib for a change. I'm sure she's sick of her car seat.

I think I'm going to weigh in on Saturday (even though my regular meeting is Monday). I'll just go again on Monday. I need to get in a meeting "this week" to stay focused. My weight this morning was 172.4 lbs. We'll see. My weight has a tendency to be all over the place in one day. I can't wait until I get in the 160s!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Missed my meeting Monday. We bought a car- which ended up taking all day and then Ed needed to work on a project late. So I'm going to try and squeeze in a meeting or at least a weigh-in some time this week. Maybe today...

Gotta run! Will post weight here soon....and a picture if I can ever get my husband to upload it and send it to me.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

They fit! Ok- so Old Navy had a sale a month ago and there was a really cute pair of jeans (size 12) that I bought. I knew I wouldn't fit into them just yet but saved then as motivation to keep losing. Well this Thursday I randomly tried them on. They fit! And not just "I got them buttoned," but I actually wore then out and they even have a little room in the butt! Whoo hoo!!!

I got on the scale this morning and I was 173.5 lbs. This means I am 8.5 lbs away from my pre-Amelia pregnancy weight. That was one of my first goals! I'm almost there and I can hardly believe it. That will be 60 lbs down! And she's only 3 months old. My next goal is to be 155 lbs by my birthday in late October. By then surely I'll be back in my size 10's. Then I'll have to keep an eye out for Old Navy sales so I can buy some 8's as motivation. I'm sooooooo motivated. I don't think I've truly stuck with something this long without falling off the wagon a couple times and setting myself back. Right now I'm averaging a 2 lbs loss per week! I can't wait for Fall! I can't wait until all my clothes are too big for me and I HAVE to go shopping. hee hee

I HAVE to get some pics uploaded. It sucks cause my iphoto is not working. I'll get Ed to load the pics on his computer here shortly. Now all I need is the time to do it....

Feeling good....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Woohoo! Down another 2.4lbs! It was somewhat surprising because the night before weigh in I had a really stressful evening. At dinner I biggie sized all my portions to double or triple. I didn't binge on junk- just basically ate two meals. And even though they were healthy choices- it was double the calories and points. Anyway I got all down and thought: "Here I go- falling off the wagon...." But then I talked to a friend and she whipped me back into shape. She reminded me how good I look and how much I've lost since having the baby. I decided to start over (in the moment- not the next day) and luckily I'm back on track. :) I made myself journal what I ate and calculate the points. Normally I would have just skipped that and started fresh the next day. But I think it helped me to see the points written down on a quick binge. How that can affect your weightloss- even if it's not bad food. My leader said that if a person ate an extra 100 calories a day than they needed-in a year's time they' will have gained 10-15 lbs. That was eye opening. That's an orange! You can over eat on fruit and still gain! Wow.

Anyway- I weighed in at 176 exactly. That's 49 lbs gone forever! Good stinkin' bye! That's 41 lbs gone while doing WW on my own and 8 lbs gone since I joined meetings. 10 more lbs and I reach my 10% goal!

I can't wait for Fall. I'm focused on wearing a smaller sized jeans when the leaves turn gold. (How cool would it be if I were in a size 8!!!) My son and I share a birthday in late October. I'm visualizing myself thinner and celebrating my birthday with my son. I'm also looking forward to not avoiding pictures. It's funny how small things are stolen from you when your weight is an issue. You avoid pictures, you avoid buying cute clothes because you're always waiting until you "lose weight," you are constantly comparing yourself to skinny people, and it's my theory you generally live life on a level 5 instead of a 10. It's like you don't really feel like yourself because you feel "under construction" all the time. So there are lots of reasons for me to keep going. I just have to anchor myself and let each day pass and have faith in the plan.

One thing I'm noticing is getting quality sleep helps me stay on plan easier. When I'm tired and stressed- I'll reach for higher point "easy" foods right when I wake up. But if I'm well rested I tend to eat more fruit and make healthier choices.

My car is in the shop so I'm stuck at home today. I'm going to do some things around the house and take it easy. I've been in "go" mode for a couple weeks now. I need to slow down and chill. Now if only the toddler and baby will cooperate...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's funny how your old self can creep back up when you think you've some so far. I haven't fallen off the wagon (I'm still staying under my daily point allowance) I'm just not picking the healthiest foods. I find myself reaching for 100 Calorie cookies or Weight Watcher cakes and ice cream instead of fruits or veggies. My main goal in all this is to adopt a healthy lifestyle not just substitute cookies for fat free cookies. I also haven't been motivated to do any exercise lately. Before the last 2 weeks I had been walking at least 3 times a week and doing some yoga/Pilates dvd's at night. Now I'm just so tired at night I want to veg out. But I need to remember that exercise gives me energy. I think the best time for me is either in the morning with the kids or at night without the kids. I nurse my daughter at night around 8pm and then put her to bed. Ideally that would be the best time for me to go walking (and my poor, neglected dog Annie). I know I crave exercise somewhere inside. I like the "alone" time and the good feeling it gives you. I was an athlete in high school and I loved being active and challenging myself physically. I miss that. I'd like to just be generally more active. I've been making lame excuses too. Like: "I don't feel like pulling the crap out of my trunk and putting the double jogger in there." Now how lame is that? Heck- the calories it takes to do all that is a benefit too right? lol

I think the trick with exercise and working it into your daily life is to not think of it as this big separate event you HAVE to do. If I could just be "active" for 30 mins a day I'd accomplish a healthy balance of exercise. I enjoy walking, jogging (when I work up to the shape it takes to do it!), yoga, pilates, jazzercise (cheezy- but love it!). I just need to think of it as "me time" instead of a chore. My husband plays football with a bunch of guys every Saturday morning. The man looks forward to it every week. Yet when he's done- he looks like he ran a marathon! But- because it's "his thing" -he doesn't look at it like a chore. That's the mindset I need. Well- and the fact that I'd like to do it more than once a week. It's also hard being a nursing mother. I can't really leave her more than 2 hours because she needs to nurse. (Sometimes more frequently in the evening). But, see, there I go again-making excuses.

So- here are my exercise goals:

Go walking at night- either alone, with dog, with family, whatever!
Do a yoga dvd to help relax me and energize me 3 nights a week.
Stop making excuses!!!!

On the upside- my weight keeps coming off. I was 176 lbs this morning. That's awesome! The plan really is working. I do find the "tools for living" that Weight Watchers stand by are great. My leader went over one of them: anchoring. How to pull yourself back and anchor yourself from over eating and going off track. It has really worked for me. Like if I start feeling an urge to over indulge or getting frustrated that I have to stay within a certain amount of points- I pull to my memory a picture of myself as I want to be. I visualize a pair of size 8 jeans fitting great on me by Christmas. I visualize myself being thin and active with my kids. I see myself being happy with my body. It really pulls me back into focus and keeps me on track. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the amount of time it will take to get the weight off. Ya know- how us chubby girls will do the math and try to calculate how much weight we can lose by a certain month? Anyway- sometimes it discourages me. "6 more months of counting points!!!" But then I use time to work for me. Like- "Time flies by. See how much time has passed with Christmas?" That's how much time it will take to be a size 8." After all- time keeps on slipping into the future right? ( ha ha) So why not stay with my plan and go along with it. I'll only set myself back by getting off track. It's worth it to stick to it.

As soon as I get my stupid iphoto back up and running- I'll post a progress picture. I really have slimed down some. I've had a lot of compliments on my face and how it looks slimmer. And I'm fitting into clothes easier- so that's motivating.

Peace out!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Down another 3 lbs!!! I got my first five lb star. And I achieved my first goal- to be in the 170's by August 1st. I'm 178.6!!! Weight loss is going great. My moto has become: You can do it. You just start and keep going. That pretty much helps me stay focused. Keep going...

My leader said something interesting tonight. She said that a study within Weight Watchers said that if a participant (who attended weekly meetings and stays on program) makes it to 16 weeks- they are usually in it for the long haul. So- that's my goal. To make it to 16 weeks (without missing a meeting). 3 down, 13 to go!

Must run...

I need to update a new progress pic. Will do that soon..

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Down 2.6 lbs! Had my 2nd weigh in Monday the 3rd and was happy to find out I lost. :) YES! Here's to hoping next weigh in I'll be in the 170's!! I threw out my old scale and bought a Weight Watchers scale (I know, I know). I weighed myself this morning and it said 177.8. I hope that's right because that means I'm ahead of the game. We'll see next Monday for the official weigh in. I love my meetings. The leader is great and the women there are so inspirational. Several women (and one man) just reached their goals and lost tons of weights. It just makes it feel that much more attainable, ya know? The 4th of July was scary for me- as I was nervous I'd blow it. But I didn't- I ate all my daily allowance points and all my flex points but I didn't go over! So now I just have to stay under those 34 pts a day this week and I'll see another loss. I tried on some pants today and they fit looser. That's always nice.

Mini goals for this week:
Increase fruit intake
Increase water (flush out toxins and any sodium that I'd take to the scale)
Increase activity

Long term goals:
Be in the 170's by August 1st!
Reach 10% (a total loss of 18 lbs) by August 31st!
Get back to pre-pregnancy weight (165lbs) in September
Get to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight (weight before Fischer's pregnancy- 145lbs) by my birthday -October 25th
Never quit! I'm worth it.

I'll post my loss on Monday!
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