Thursday, July 06, 2006

Down 2.6 lbs! Had my 2nd weigh in Monday the 3rd and was happy to find out I lost. :) YES! Here's to hoping next weigh in I'll be in the 170's!! I threw out my old scale and bought a Weight Watchers scale (I know, I know). I weighed myself this morning and it said 177.8. I hope that's right because that means I'm ahead of the game. We'll see next Monday for the official weigh in. I love my meetings. The leader is great and the women there are so inspirational. Several women (and one man) just reached their goals and lost tons of weights. It just makes it feel that much more attainable, ya know? The 4th of July was scary for me- as I was nervous I'd blow it. But I didn't- I ate all my daily allowance points and all my flex points but I didn't go over! So now I just have to stay under those 34 pts a day this week and I'll see another loss. I tried on some pants today and they fit looser. That's always nice.

Mini goals for this week:
Increase fruit intake
Increase water (flush out toxins and any sodium that I'd take to the scale)
Increase activity

Long term goals:
Be in the 170's by August 1st!
Reach 10% (a total loss of 18 lbs) by August 31st!
Get back to pre-pregnancy weight (165lbs) in September
Get to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight (weight before Fischer's pregnancy- 145lbs) by my birthday -October 25th
Never quit! I'm worth it.

I'll post my loss on Monday!

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