Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ate like shit today! (Pardon my french, but it is necessary) I think I was high on my weight loss and just went nuts. The stress of the last 2 weeks just came out through eating. But, I need to face the music so I'll post my dialy tracker. On the upside I went to the YMCA tonight at 9:30pm and ran 2.5 miles. The pizza I ate for dinner felt like a brick in my stomach, so it was not an easy run. My plan for the week is to run everyday. I don't care how much I run, but I have to run. :) I love it so much and I feel so good when I do it. My other plan is to not go over my daily points for the rest of the week. I WILL DO IT! :)

*Sigh* Ok, here goes....

WW muffin= 3 pts

Tuna salad= 4 pts
6 Garlic and Rosemary Triscuts=4 pts (not worth it)

Snack (aka "Jen ate Fischer's lunch"):
6 Chick-fil-A nuggets= 6pts
Large fry=9pt
Diet lemonade=0pts

Another Snack:
PBJ (ww style)= 3 pts

SLice Pizza= 7 pts
3 crusts= 3 pts
1 Garlic Knot=4 pts

Total:43 pts (ugh)
APs earned:2 pts

I was stuffed. I ate like a crazy woman. I think I was just glad to be still with my family and eat a meal together. But, I can't do that everyday.

Hey-anyone notice I haven't listed any mocha's in my daily tracker? :) I gave Starbucks' Mocha's and alcohol up for Lent. So far, so good. The other day I got a latte and it just wasn't the same.....

Monday, February 26, 2007

Down 2.8 lbs! I'm officially 5 lbs from goal! *Deep Breaths*

I was also able to run 3 miles today too. So I'm feeling good.

Here's my daily tracker:

WW muffin=3 pts

Lean Pocket= 6 pts
Corn on the cob= 1 pt
Sf/ff chocolate pudding= 1pt

Cinnamon bun=6 pts
Latte= 2 pts

Willy's salad= 9 pts
Chips/salsa= 4 pts

Slim-a-bear icecream bar=3 pts

Total: 35 pts
Flex Used: 10 pts
APs earned: 3 pts

It was my "splurge" day so that's I had some "naughty" things. :)
Is it Monday already?? Our house is officially listed and the work is officially done! Well, except for the maintainance of making my house look like no one lives in it..... :) We also put an offer on another house, so it's been koo koo for cocoa puffs here. So, I'm happy to say I'm jump kicking my running routine back into action this week. I've missed it, especially in this weather. It's a nice 60 here and that's pefect running weather.

The past week was just "off" as far as food goes. I munched so much because I was not keeping track of time and had so much work to do that I got slack. I don't think the scale shows (I weighed in at 142 yesterday), but I know the habit of making healthy choices shifted slightly the last week. But, I have a refrigerator full of healthy choices and I'm ready to get back to my "old self" and stay OP.

I have weigh in tonight and I WILL NOT MISS IT! I'll post results asap. :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey folks! I'm still a live and kickin', just busy as a bee. I was so happy to work in a massage tonight with my friend whose a massage therapist. It was heavenly! Just what I needed.

We've been so busy I haven't had time to make a proper grocery run. So guess what I'm doing tomorrow? :)

Here's my daily tracker:

2 slices high fiber bread= 1 pt
2 tbsp peanut butter= 3 pts

Flat Out pizza= 3 pts
salad w/ ff/sf honey mustard= 0 pts

6 triscuts= 2 pts
1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge= 1pt

More Snacks (LOL):
Chips= 2 pts
Carrot and Celery Sticks= 0 pts
Artichoke Hummus=4 pts

1/2 cup black bean soup= 1 pt
Tortilla chips= 6
salsa= 0pts

Total: 24 pts
Flex Used= 2 pts

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sick as a dog!!! That's what I was all last night and today. Stomach bug. Ick. But, on the upside, maybe it offset my Chick-fil-A binge? LOL

My poor body is wiped out. My mind is going a hundred miles an hour and I'm just spent. Maybe the stomach bug was God's way to making me rest and stay in bed. I'm slowly starting to panic about having my house spottless all the time incase a potential buyer wants to see it. With two small children, it seems an impossible task. It really is all consuming. The bulk of the work is done. All I have left to do is paint Amelia's bathroom and paint the kitchen. But none of that can be done until Saturday when the guy comes to sand and paint drywall. Sooooooo, in the mean time I've been trying to catch up on cleaning. After being in bed all day feeling miserable, I started feeling better and was able to knock out two loads of laundry tonight. I don't think in the history of my marriage had I let the laundry get so bad. Our bedroom was being taken over by a massive mound of stinky clothes. I still have about 4 more loads to do to really nip it in the bud, but I'll do that tomorrow.

My brain is a constant check list.....

Here's my daily tracker for today. I didn't start eating until 3pm.

Peanut butter sandwich=4 pts

Fat free yogurt= 2 pts

Progresso Chicken and Rice soup= 4 pts
roll= 1pt
coke= 3pts (trying to settle my stomach)

Baked Potato= 3 pts
2 tbsp sour cream= 2pts
1 tbsp butter= 1 pts

2 dove chocolates= 2pts

Total:22 pts

I started getting really hungry as the evening progressed. But I'm now regretting the dove chocolates. See, chocolate has power over me, even when I'm sick to my stomach. :)

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I'd love to knock out some more off the "to do" list. We have exactly 1 week until a sign goes up in our yard!!!! So much to do, so much to do.

Until tomorrow..

Monday, February 19, 2007

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to say I broke my strike of no running. I ran 3 miles yesterday and I did it in 28:44!!! That's a new personal best for me. And I only took 2 walk breaks. I felt good. Maybe the week break helped me.

We are in house "get ready to sell" mode, so I'll probably be spotty in posting the next week. I have weigh in tonight. I'll try to get back on and post results.


I started feeling ill as the day went on. I couldn't make it to weigh in. :( But, it's probably best. I was a little nervous to weigh in. ?

Here's my daily tracker: (I think I've been eating like a horse because of all the stuff I'm doing around the house, PLUS keeping up my "work load" with the kids)

special K= 2pts
mocha=3 pts

spicy wrap=7.5 pts
spicy sauce=140, 14,0 (4 pts)
small fry=5.5 pts

2 cups linguini=8 pts
1 cup sauce=1 pt

Total: 31 pts
9 flex used.

Notice the over abundance of fruits and veggies???? ha ha

Mental Note: eat fruit

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh my God today was so busy. I woke up and hit the floor running. With the help of my faithful friend Monica, look at what I accomplished today:

* Make Home Depot trip
* Clean up yard and back patio.
* Plant topiaries in these gorgeous urns on the front porch (BEAUTFUL!)
* Box up all the clutter in my house and put in attic
* Take a truck load of trash to dump
* Take a truck load of things to GoodWill
* Buy and install new fixtures for bathrooms
* Clean out Amelia's room and set up (to look cute and spacious-lol)
* Clean up after workers hung sheet rock in our kitchen ceiling
* Sweep and vaccuum entire house

All this just to move! LOL

It's 6pm and I'm about to fall over. Ed took the kids to his mom's for the day since they have all been slightly under the weather. I was happy to be in charge of getting stuff done here anyway. I must have earned 3 or 4 activity points. Seriously.

My eating was all over the place today:

Mocha= 4
Reduced Fat (my ass) coffee cake=7 pts

Chips/salsa= 4
2 fish tacos= 10
Corn chowder=4

Total: 30 pts
AP= 3 pts

27 pts!!! And I'm not even hungry for dinner. So I think I'll pass. I heavily overestimated my points, so it may have been lower. But, better safe than sorry. Thank God tomorrow is Sunday. A new week is starting. The bulk of my house work is done, so now it's just a matter of keep it tidy. Ugh. All that to say, I'm hoping to get my groove back with running this next week.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ok, I need some help.

I've been way too loose this week. I'm getting into the habit of tracking my food at the end of the day, which is a major "no no." In addition to that, I have not gone for one run since Sat (my race). I definitely think it has to do with getting our house ready to sell. I've been painting and decluttering and it just eats up all my time and energy. And even though I know there are times in my life where I can't be 100% consistent, it scares me when I'm not. Mainly because consitency has played such a role in my success. But, being honest with myself is has also played a big role and so here I am.

Because of my current circumstance of being on a time crunch to get this house done, I'm going to shoot to just do 2 runs a week. So between now and Monday I'd like to get 2 runs on.

As far as eating, I need to be aware of my points as the day goes on. It keeps me on track. I have one major thing Friday night where Ed has made reservations at this amazing restaraunt (www.startprovisions.com). My plan is to enjoy my dinner there and taste a little bit of everything. It's one of those places you don't eat at often because it's $$$$$$$$$$$, so I'm going to allow myself that indulgence. I probably have 5 flex left if I were being honest with myself. Remember my "plan" to save my flex for Friday????? Lol This means I need to be a good girl and stay below Daily points for the rest of the week. I'll eat light on Friday to make room for the yummy dinner.

Ok, I already feel better getting this out. I'm been on auto pilot and just need to reign myself in. The cool thing is that I've lost the last 2 weeks, so I'm not losing ground, just trying to stay on track with my mind and approach towards food.

Daily Tracker:

Venti Mocha=5 pts

Rotisseri Chicken pcs= 5 pts (I had some with skin)
Brown Rice= 3 pts

Handful of carrots= 0 pts

Amy's Organic Chili (out of the can)= 8 pts
roll= 1 pt

Total: 22 pts

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow. I've been busy! Here's my daily tracker. I kinda lost it at the end of the day, but I think it wasn't too bad.

WW muffin=3 pts
Mocha=3 pts

Chicken sandwich=4 pts
Pretzel thins= 2 pts
sf ff pudding= 1 pts

Chicken Salad= 4 pts
green beans= 0 pts
2 small slices crustless chocolate pie (ouch)= 10 pts (guess)

Total: 27 pts
Used 5 Flex pts

Monday, February 12, 2007

Down 2 lbs!!!! Goal is so close, I can smell it. :)

Anyway, here's my tracker for yesterday:

Peanut butter sandwich=4 pts

Tuna salad= 4 pt
10 ff crackers=2 pts
1 handful goldfish=3 pts (not worth it)

Mocha=3 pts
Dove chocolate=1pt

Burrito=15 pts
chips=4 pts

Total: 36!!!!!
Used 14 Weekly Allowance

Yikes! I mean, I planned to use some weekly allowance pts, but whoa! I can't use the rest until Friday. Ed is taking me to a really nice restaraunt and I want to be able to eat what I want. I haven't had a chance to run the last few days because of all the house projects going on. I need to prioritize that. My goal is to run 10 miles a week, so I think I can get that in before next Monday.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The last two days have been crazy. Ed and I ended up painting our bathroom and kitchen last night. Ed's installing a new faucet and we're touching up trim today. We're going to list our house on the market. We love, love, love our house, but we've outgrown it and the money it takes to build on is just too much. So, anyone want to buy my house?? lol I'm looking forward to change. I love change. So that's neat, but I'm sort of dreading the selling and buying timing thing.

On the eating front I've been eating 100% junk. I haven't exceeded my points, but I've just not been making healthy choices. Yesterday and today have just been "eating on the go" days. But, I have weigh in tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'm down a pound or two.

Here's what I've eaten so far:

Special K protein bar= 2 pts
Mocha= 4 pts

Chicken Salad (with veggies, cheese, salsa and sour cream) at Willy's= 6 pts
Chips/salsa= 3 pts

ANOTHER Mocha (I'm tired)= 3 pts

Don't know yet? Probably a Progresso soup for 2 pts or something. I'm not even hungry yet.

It will be interesting to see how I handle the WW lifestyle while all this change is happening. (Assuming someone buys my house and we have to move). LOL My goals are to keep running and not let "tasks" take over.

I'll report back tomorrow.

Hope every is having a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I did it! I ran my first race and it was great. I finished in 32:20. That's the best time I've ever had on 3 miles. Yah! It went by quickly. I thought I had another mile or so and then I saw the finish line. It was VERY "hilly." I decided to walk up the hills. I actually went faster walking up the hills than some people running up the hills. Then I ran when it was level or just a slight incline. It was freezing, but I got warm quick. My friend Lucy brought her camera to document my first 5K and she didn't realize I was a little bit behind her and she looped around waiting for me to cross the finish line to take a pic. I was looking all over for her and saw her waiting for me. :) I had to yell over at her that I had already finished! LOL I'll post a pic once she sends it to me. (Lucy- send it to me!)

Today's agenda is to relax! On the way home I grabbed a mocha and a bagel. I haven't had a bagel in forever. With REAL cream cheese. It's 7 pts, but worth it!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Daily Tracker:

2 slices WW bread= 1pt
2 tbsps peanut butter= 3 pts

Mocha= 3 pts

Lean Cuisine= 6 pts
roll= 1 pt

WW bar= 2 pts
coffee= 0 pt
apple= 1 pt

Hot n Sour Soup= 2 pts
Fried noodles= 2 pt
1 california roll= 4 pt
Glass of wine=2 pts

Total = 27 pts
Used 5 Flex

Today passed by so quickly! My sweet man got up with the kids and let me sleep in until about 8:30am. Felt like noon! I hit the floor running. Carpool, Target, back home to meet with builder about possible home addition (learn home addition is WAY more than we thought), Fischer gets home, we go to neighbors house to play. Then off to yoga with my friend Karyn at 6pm and we had dinner at a local chinese place afterwards. Very nice day! Busy, but good.

Tomorrow is my 5k and I'm really dreading the cold. I really hope it's warmer. I'm not intimidated by running 3 miles, I'm intimidated by the cold. Brrrrrrr.... But it's my first race and that's something special. I'll report back my "time." lol I still feel like a turtle.

This week is going well "point wise." I haven't spent all my Weekly Allowance in one fail swoop, which is a big deal. I think I have 15 left to carry me through Saturday and Sunday. That's great considering that I usually spend them all by Wednesday. :) It's nice knowing they're there.

I'm tired and I need my rest for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today is busy but I wanted to try and get a post in. I got up and ran again with my friend Lucy. We ran to Octane (coffee shop) again (3 miles). Do I use a lot of parenthesis? Yes, I do. Anyway, it was a good run. Felt easier than my treadmill runs. I think it's because time passes quickly when there is a change in scenery. Profound huh? Tomorrow is a rest day since I'm in a race on Saturday. I have to laugh at the word "race" because I'm so slow.

So far here is what I've eaten:

2 slices WW bread= 1 pt
2 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter= 3pt
coffee= 0

Latte= 2 pts
WW peanut butter bar= 2pts

2 pt pizza= duh
Salad/dressing= 1 pt

Earned 3 APs for running

I need to get in some fruit today. I was bad about that yesterday. I'll probably have another snack in the 3 pt range and then make meatloaf tonight. I have some lean ground beef and thought I'd give the ol' meatloaf a try. Add some green beans and a 1 pt roll and I think the whole dinner should come out to be around 6 pts.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Daily Tracker:

2 slices WW bread= 1pt
2 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter= 3pts

Mocha= 3pts

Chick-fil-A Southwest Chicken Salad= 5 pts
Tortilla strips= 1 pt
1 packet ff honey mustard=2pts

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna= 2pts
Roll= 1 pt
ww Chocolate Caramel mini bar= 1pt

Slice of pizza= 8 pts

Total:27 pts
Earned 2 AP's
Used 3 Weekly Allowance

Today was busy. I had carpool duty so I was in and out. On the way home from dropping Fischer off at preschool, I passed a local coffee shop near my neighborhood. I thought it would be cool to run there one day. Then I hit my mileage button and realized it's exactly 1.5 miles from my house. So I got home, put Amelia down for a nap (Ed was home working) and I went out the door! I ran there and back. 3 miles! It was a really nice run and went by so quickly. The weather was perfect. I think it was 58 degrees. Perfect for running. In fact, my friend Lucy and I are running the same course tomorrow morning. We tried to figure out a way to get coffee and still run back with it, but I don't think that's going to happen. LOL

I'll run tomorrow and then take a break Friday. Saturday is my first 5k. I'm excited!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daily Tracker:

Special K Peanut Butter Chocolate protein bar=2pts
peach= 1pt

2 slices WW bread= 1pt
2 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter=3pts

1 cup veggie chili=5 pts
1 roll=1 pts

WW caramel mini bar= 1pt

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna=4pts
2 rolls= 2pts
Salad with Light dressing= 1 pt


Used 3 Weekly Allowance.

Today was nice. I went to a friend's house to let our kids play and warm up (see post below). Got home, made dinner and put the kids to bed. Ed went to a hockey game, so I couldn't get to the gym. Luckily Ed's mom stopped by after work and helped me with the kids. Sweet woman. :)

Tomorrow is my early gym run day, so I want to get to bed so as not to hit "snooze" at 6:30am.
Had weigh in last night and I'm down 2.8 lbs! Yah! Now my stupid gain from last week is vanished! (Or at least that's how I see it. LOL) 145.6 lbs!

I talked to my leader about these last 10 lbs and why it seems so hard to get off. And when I say it's "hard" to get off- I mean the lack of determination setting in. She said she struggled with her last 10 lbs too. She said: "You look fine and you feel fine, so you don't really sweat the little bite here and there." I had to laugh because that's so true for me. She encouraged me to drink more water and really track my points. And, of course, use Weekly Allowance pts only on occassion. I think that's doable. Once I reach goal, I get to increase my points anyway to maintainance, so I think I can handle "buckling down" for a while. I have to laugh because I'm so protective of my weekly allowance pts. They are why I stuck with WW so long. :)

I moved back to evening meetings last night because it's been getting more difficult to take Amelia with me to the morning meetings. She wants to play and I'm super paranoid about her making too much noise. :) I was happy to go back to evening meetings because there are a few girls I miss seeing every week. I was looking forward to seeing them. One of them came in late to the meeting. Finally as we were having an open discussion, she spoke up. She has lost 40 lbs and looks amazing, but still wants to lose more and feels like she's lost all her "mojo" for the rest of the journey. She began to cry and my heart just went out to her. She pretty much said what we all think and don't always say. Those of us who are so used to being on "diets" and failing have this fear of repeating the past and getting "fluffy" again. I was so glad she shared. I think she felt silly crying, but it was like a breathe of fresh air. She was being real. I don't think anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight has done so without bumps along the way. Even big bumps. I was so glad she made it to a meeting. That alone is a HUGE step when you're feeling so "off." I talked to her afterwards and just tried to let her know she wasn't alone and we've all been there. Of course we'll go through seasons of NO determination. I think I hit patches of that along the way. I think difference is that I had determined that "quiting was not an option" (as my leader says every week). So even if I have a bad couple weeks, I have to keep focusing forward and eventually I get back on track. But, as a former diet hopper, it's hard to come back after "failure." You feel like you've blown yet another diet and you'll be fat forever. I can't tell you how many times I had that horrible feeling. I can't totally pin point what made the difference this time other than learning how to forgive myself and never quit. Granted, my journey is by no means over. Maintaining this is going to be another layer of challenges. But, that's life. You learn to work with challenges.

I'm happy to say there is NOTHING on the agenda today. I might go to the gym this afternoon, but I might not. LOL Because I live in a house built in 1932, it's currently 57 degrees inside. The hardwoods are ice cold. Ugh. We have central heat and air, but poor insulation and I'm just cold as can be. I have myself and the kids double layered. I might try to get out somewhere just to get warm. I'm ready for Spring!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Last night was BAD. Real bad. I did so well at first. Ate an entire carton of grape tomatoes. Made my 2 pt pizza and had 1 beer. And I had 4 pts left to have two more beers. Then the "mind set" took over. Eat, eat, eat. It started out as a chip here, some dip there. Then came the oreos. They were my downfall. I ate so many that I felt sick. I was in "horde" mode. Ya know, like I'll NEVER have a chance to eat Oreos again, so I had better eat up. Ridiculous!

I don't know what got into me. I can think of a stressful discussion Ed and I had that afternoon, but really that's just another excuse. Truth is, I caved. This must be why people have such a hard time with the last 10 lbs. I feel good, I feel thin, so I allow myself more indulgences. I think that's it. Good news is that I've done this for so long that my body reacted to the overeating by making me sick. My body has been in "clean out" mode. (TMI, I know) So, maybe in some sick way, that's a blessing. lol

This morning I got my butt out of bed and went to the gym. Did 3 miles! My friend Monica came with me and we both were so glad we went. It was so cold leaving the house, but there is just nothing like running first thing in the morning. It really sets the mood for my day and makes me feel so good.

It's Monday and a new week for me. Flex renewed and there are no more "events" to plan for, so I'm hanging onto those Flex points like it's my retirement savings. I'm sick of living "paycheck to paycheck" with my Flex pts. lol :)

I'm going to weigh in this evening. I'll report results later. :)

Added my daily tracker:

Nonfat, no whip Mocha= 3 pts
2 clemintines= 1 pt
lite string cheese= 1 pt

1 cup 3 bean chili= 5 pts
1 pc Light Flat Out bread= 0pts

ff yogurt with 1/4 cup Fiber One and some ff cool whip= 2pts
1 cup strawberries= 1 pts
100 snack pack= 2 pts

Subway 6" Turkey Sub with veggies, mustard, lite mayo and vinegar= 6pts
1 package Sour Creme and Onion Baked Lays= 3 pts
WW caramel bar= 1 pt

Run 3 miles= +3 pts

Total= 22 pts

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well, I did well last night. I had one glass of wine and just ordered appetizers and a salad to eat. I'm sure I didn't spend all my points, but it's hard to figure exactly how many I ate. I'm just going to assume I ate all my flex and call it a day!

Today we went to church and then this evening we're having friends over for the Super Bowl. I'm making a bunch of food I'm not going to eat. LOL Baked Bre, chips and dip, cokes, nachos. The one thing I can and will eat is the veggies of the veggie tray my friend is bringing. I also bought some Michelob Ultra (2 pts a bottle) so that I can take part in the "beer ritual" of football. Ha ha. I hate beer...

Here's my daily tracker so far. I'll include my "planned" eating for tonight:

Banana (I was busy and had to run out the door)= 2 pts

Willy's Chicken salad with veggies, chicken, black beans, salsa and 2 tbsp sour cream= 7pts
Diet coke

Mocha= 3pts

Veggies=0 pts
FF ranch=1 pt
**Jen's 2 pt pizza = 2 pts
3 beers= 6 pts

Total= 21 pts

***Recipe for 2 pt pizza,,,,I live on these when I need to fill up, but eat low pts. I saute' a ton of veggies every week (onions, bell peppers, yellow squash, zuchini, with spices) and keep it all in a tupperware container in the frig to add to meals. This is what I top my pizza with.

1 Light Flat Out flatbread (8g fiber)= 0pts
2 spoonfuls tomato paste= 0pts
Veggie Sautee'=0pts
1/4 cup part skim mozzerella=2 pts
Garlic powder
Minced onion
Onion powder

I love this pizza! I sprinkle it with hot sauce and pour a big cup of water to go with it. It's great!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Pics: Progression shot. I love these because I can see the real progress. YAH!

Updated Pics!

Took these this evening before going out to friend's birthday dinner. :) I'm roughly 144.8 lbs (according to my scale this morning). I'm actually surprised how thin I look in the profile shot. It's weird when you're so used to being "fluffy," seeing yourself thin.

I have 22 pts left for tonight. I have 14 daily pts left and 8 flex. I'm not going to drink (to reduce pts) and just going to have some small indulgences. I'm looking forward to getting out! :)

I met up with a friend today and ran a little over 3 miles. We ran through the city and boy was the wind harsh. It would be warm in the sun and then abruptly change as we went around buildings and got into the shade. It's hard to run against wind!

Anyway, I run again tomorrow.
Friday- Feb 2nd's Daily Tracker

Yesterday I was so busy I forgot to post my daily tracker. I switched the kid's rooms around and cleaned out a ton of stuff and the day got ahead of me.

Here's what I ate:

Lite string cheese= 1 pt
Clementine= 0 pts
Tall nf, no whip Mocah= 3 pts

1 Can white potatos with seasoning= 4 pts
2 rolls= 2 pts

Special K bar= 2pts
handful of goldfish= 2 pts (?)

1 cup hot n sour soup= 2pts
Fried "noodle" in soup= 1 pt
4 pcs california sushi roll=3 pts

Smart Ones Mississippi Mud Pie= 3 pts

Total: 22 pts!

(I'm pretty sure I earned at least 1 AP for all the work I did with the rooms yesterday, but I figured I'd just let it go since I've over done it a little bit on food lately)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm back in Atlanta and it's been a long day.

Daily Tracker:

WW muffin= 3 pts
fruit salad= 1 pt

Snack on plane:
2 shortbread waffers= 2pts

Chick-fil- A chicken sandwhich= 9 pts
Med Waffle fry=7 pts

Veggie Stir Fry= O pts
2 rolls= 2 pts
sf, ff chocolate pudding= 1 pt

Total: 25 pts.

I know I said I wasn't going to dip into my flex anymore until I had too, but I forgot about the fruit salad and shortbread waffers I had earlier in the day during all the travel. But, thankfully I remembered it after dinner. I still have 8 felx left. So I'm feeling ok. I wad dying for something "bad" for lunch, so I had it. Must have been the stress from flying with the two kids in an ice storm!!! lol

The only "obstacle" this week is Saturday. I have a women's event at church I'm going to and the theme is "pizza." There will be a million pizzas calling my name. I'm bringing fruit pizza. Don't let the name decieve you, it's not good for you. My plan is to basically skip the eating part. Fill up beforehand and just have coffee or something. I don't normally do that, but I'm going out later that night to a friend's birthday dinner and I'd much rather spend the points there. It's at a place that does fondue and wine. The plan is to eat something beforehand, but I will have some wine (2 glasses max) and maybe some chocolate fondue with fruit. I need to check out the menu and start planning. I WILL be successful this week! I have to remember that I don't have to miss out on the moment by giving into food when I'm reallly not hungry. That's a major issue for me. Eating has become such an "event" in my mind. I'm slowly conquering it, but that mindset still creeps up and bites me in the ass from time to time. If I can just step back and realize that pizza is just pizza and it will always be there if I really want it, then I can get past the "breakdown" moment.

I sat down this evening with my WW cookbooks and came up with a "game plan" for meals this week. I took note of what I had at hand in my pantry and frig and tried to be sensible about it. I tend to buy things like canned artichokes and let them sit in my pantry for 2 months without using them. I'm tired of being watseful and decided to buy as little as possible at the store tomorrow and make the most out of what I can. I came up with some good, point friendly dinners.

I'm sooooo glad to be back. Ed was trying to be economical and kept the thermostat at 62 while we were gone. So when we got home the house was freezing! Mind you- we have a house that was built in 1932 that has little insulation and all hardwoods. I felt like I walked into a cold warehouse. :) The kids and I got in a hot bath to warm up. lol It was funny. But it worked. It was so comforting to see Ed again. After the bath, the kids napped and Ed and i just layed on the couch with hot coffee.

It's 8:27pm (to be exact) here and my eyes are burning for sleep. Tomorrow it's back to my early morning gym runs. I'm looking forward to it. I'd like to break the 4 mile mark.
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