Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today is busy but I wanted to try and get a post in. I got up and ran again with my friend Lucy. We ran to Octane (coffee shop) again (3 miles). Do I use a lot of parenthesis? Yes, I do. Anyway, it was a good run. Felt easier than my treadmill runs. I think it's because time passes quickly when there is a change in scenery. Profound huh? Tomorrow is a rest day since I'm in a race on Saturday. I have to laugh at the word "race" because I'm so slow.

So far here is what I've eaten:

2 slices WW bread= 1 pt
2 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter= 3pt
coffee= 0

Latte= 2 pts
WW peanut butter bar= 2pts

2 pt pizza= duh
Salad/dressing= 1 pt

Earned 3 APs for running

I need to get in some fruit today. I was bad about that yesterday. I'll probably have another snack in the 3 pt range and then make meatloaf tonight. I have some lean ground beef and thought I'd give the ol' meatloaf a try. Add some green beans and a 1 pt roll and I think the whole dinner should come out to be around 6 pts.

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