Saturday, February 10, 2007

I did it! I ran my first race and it was great. I finished in 32:20. That's the best time I've ever had on 3 miles. Yah! It went by quickly. I thought I had another mile or so and then I saw the finish line. It was VERY "hilly." I decided to walk up the hills. I actually went faster walking up the hills than some people running up the hills. Then I ran when it was level or just a slight incline. It was freezing, but I got warm quick. My friend Lucy brought her camera to document my first 5K and she didn't realize I was a little bit behind her and she looped around waiting for me to cross the finish line to take a pic. I was looking all over for her and saw her waiting for me. :) I had to yell over at her that I had already finished! LOL I'll post a pic once she sends it to me. (Lucy- send it to me!)

Today's agenda is to relax! On the way home I grabbed a mocha and a bagel. I haven't had a bagel in forever. With REAL cream cheese. It's 7 pts, but worth it!

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