Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm dragging today. I can't wake up. Amelia woke up with what seems like a cold, but I'm praying it's not strep throat. Fischer woke up and decided to get into everything and make mess after mess. I'm already exhausted and it's only 10:30am. Guess it's just going to be one of those days.

Point wise I'm doing well. I splurged yesterday because it was the first time I could really eat. :) I used some Flex. Today I'm a little more balanced and I've only had a pear so far. All I want is a mocha to wake up, but I'm not sure how I can get out with my baby sick. Poor Ed was up until 5am working. He's sleeping next to me as I type. Our family schedule is all out of place!

I'm going to save the rest of my Flex for Sunday. We'll watch the Super Bowl and I'm going to make some goodies. Point friendly, but GOOD. I might make this Rachel Ray recipe: Buffalo Chicken Tenders (no breading) on a salad with celery, carrots and blue cheese dressing. Maybe some nachos for the boys. Should be fun.

My friend Karyn just picked Fischer up to play with his bff Finn (her son) and they'll be gone for a couple hours. That was a God send! So now I'm going to work on laundry since we're swallowed in it and start meal planning for the next few days and Sunday. And maybe get a nap. I think I jumped the gun and got up and going too quick yesterday. I'm paying for it today.... You know I'm not well if I won't even get up for a mocha.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's see the worst pic of me ever: 9 months pregnant!!!

Now let's look at some pics last Friday to show some angles that I used to hate. Ya know that saying: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." Well, I tend to say: "Well those people have clearly not had Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream." But now when I see these pics, I'm like: "Okay, now that feels pretty good!"

Antibiotics are my friends! (close your eyes crunchy friends)

Feeling much, much better. Unfortunately I can't eat because my throat hurts. But I'll take that any day over that "fluish" feeling.

Today has consisted of getting a mocha, playing with my kids and then tickling Fischer over and over again. There ya have it! I'm so grateful to have energy again. That and my headache is gone!

On the food front, not much eating. I had a mocha because it feels good on my throat. Made it a decaf since I've already inadvertently weaned myself off caffeine. (Now you can look crunchy friends) As I'm typing this, Fischer is jiggling my arm and saying: "hey, your arm wiggles!" Likes it's a cool toy I had and didn't tell him about.


Have no real thoughts, but just wanted to update. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Well, went to the doc and I have strep throat, not the flu. (Thank God) Unfortunately the doc said strep throat can make you feel like you have the worst of the worst influenza. My sweet husband is going to get my antibiotics and some gingerale and I'm sleeping. AND, my sweet mother in law is coming over to take care of the kids this afternoon. Thank God! I should feel better within 24 hours of taking the antibiotics.

ON a good note (you know I'd go here) I have no appetite! I can't eat and therefore I'm not really consuming any points. My body needs the energy to focus on the infection it's fighting. Yah me! I'm so bad, I know.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So, Friday night I had a few drinks. Not too bad- definitely didn't feel "drunk, drunk." Tipsy? Yes. Drunk? No. I spread them out and I was drinking water in between. Don't worry, I was in my own home playing Rockband and Catch Phrase with my friends. I also scored the best I've scored on drums on one song- so I know I didn't have too many. Nonetheless I woke up Saturday feeling like hell. I thought: Really? Did I really drink that much? Am I losing my edge? Should I limit myself to 1 drink now? Dayum, I'm old.... I had a baby shower I really wanted to be at for a good friend and willed myself out of bed. I remember someone telling me you feel better if you eat something greasy. So I went to Wendy's drive thru and got a burger, fries and a coco cola. I could barely finish it-so you *know* something was up with that! Felt even worse at the shower. I could barely talk. I just sat on the couch feeling awful. And there was some GOOD food that. Double wammy. I was thinking that if I needed to vomit, I'd just casually run to the bathroom. No one would know! I'm still hiding my symptoms because I feel ashamed that I had a hang over.

By the time I got home from the shower I was bedridden. I felt awful because Ed had been up with the kids since 6:30am and let me sleep in. I told him I'd let him nap in the afternoon. That didn't happen. I needed him to be "on." By some miracle we got the kids to bed and I started feeling even worse. Ed ran to the store to get me some flu meds That helped me sleep, but I awoke this morning feeling the same. Nothing has really tapered off. So here I am, in my bed and Ed took the kids to his parents house. I'm so grateful for the rest.

To top it off- I started my period. JOY! So now I'm feeling REALLY icky. To be honest, I'm glad it's not a hangover. I was feeling pretty embarrassed about that. To find the good in this: I did get on the scale and see the 130's yesterday. I hope it stays there.!


B: Theraflu

S: Emergen-C powder in water

L: Crackers, vita muffin, coffee (to ease my caffeine withdraw headache.

S: Watch tv and maybe rest.

D: If I feel like eating, I'll go for soup!

Guess no Heat class for me tomorrow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

This makes me very happy! I made it back into the 130's and I plan to stay for a while. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So, I showed up at my Turbo Kick class again this week. This time my stomach was a normal size and I wasn't having any gastronintestinal issues that might pose a risk to my fellow kickers. It was hard! I gave it my all since I was feeling good, but it still kicked my butt. Then, after the workout I went to Publix for groceries. I got some beef steak for a Beef Stroganoff recipe I'm going to make tomorrow. And I needed some WW''s muffin. Wouldn't ya know they stopped carrying them! Or at least that's what it appeared like. They weren't in their usual place and I couldn't find them anywhere. I hate being out of muffins. :(

Today was exciting because I was 141.2 lbs on my scale!!! And that's including my PMS, bloating body right now. I have a feeling I'll see the 130's next week. Oh man, I'd be thrilled!!!

Tomorrow morning is my beloved Heat class. I'm looking forward to giving 100% in my workouts so that I can really burn those last few pounds and be safely back under goal and onto my new personal goal of 130 lbs!!!

Here's my daily tracker:

B: Vita Muffin: 1 pt

S: Mocha: 3 pt

L: Peanut butter sandwich: 4 pts

S: 3 pt quesadilla: 3 pts
Chips/Salsa: 4 pts

D: Chicken Goulash: 5 pts
Grapes: 1 pt

S: 1 cup Lite Slow Churn icecream: 4 pt
Little bit of Hershey's syrup: 1 pt

Total: 26 pts
APs : + 4 pts
= 22 pts

Used 3 Flex pts

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I would prefer not to awaken the way I did this morning. After a night of Amelia waking us up every hour with wimpers (teething) and no really solid sleep, Ed gets up and what do ya know? Amelia has once again opened her diaper up and smeared her poop all over the floor. This happens more than I would like to admit. *sigh*

Ed was being nice after I begged him to let me sleep in. He said: "Okay- but you're up in 45 mins." Deal! Then I heard what transpired outside my bedroom door. I knew Amelia struck again. I swear my life is all about the poop. I use cloth diapers and if I'm not washing poop, then I'm stepping in it or touching it by accident or something. I know Amelia is ready to potty train because she is always taking off her diapers. She's peed a couple time in the potty and thinks it cool. I think I'm a little gun shy because Fischer still isn't 100% trained and he's 4 years old!!! I bet if I locked myself inside the house for 4 days with a naked Amelia, she'd get it. But in the mean time, her poop is the most beloved medium for her art.

After the mess was cleaned (chunks removed by Ed and thorough scrubbing by me) I took the kids to leave. We ran errands, went to Starbucks, went to Target to pick out a new lunch box for Amelia (her first day of preschool is tomorrow) and then I took both kids to Felini's Pizza (Or "Pizza House" as Fischer calls it) for lunch. It was nice. I actually liked my kids today. Minus the poop.

I was so busy that I forgot to eat lunch. But here's my tracker/plan for today:

B: nothing

S: mocha: 3 pts

L: Spinach and Mushroom Slice of Pizza: 7 pts
Salad: 3 pts

S: Fruit (2 servings): 2 pt

D: TIlapia with steamed brccoli: 4 pts

S: More fruit: 1 pt

Total: 20 pts
Flex used: 1 pt

If I get in some activity, then I won't have to use any more Flex. We'll see......

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Hair Cut!

Some of you asked for pics. I'm glad I chopped it off. Here's the story.
It's 11:30am and I've already eaten 8 pts (not including lunch). I'm so "snacky" lately. I just want to munch on things all day long. I ate 2 whole grain waffles for breakfast and then ended up eating some of the kid's pretzels mid morning. I hate it when I end up eating something I didn't plan at all. Like pretzels. Who just *craves* pretzels? I could have had a grand mocha (my fav snack evah) than some silly pretzels. Now...chocolate covered pretzels would be a different story....

It's MLK day and my YMCA and WW's center is closed. Ed still has to work, so I'm trying to figure out when I'll have time to get a good cardio workout in. I usually do Heat on Mondays. Ed said he may get off early and I can go run. I'l probably do my usual 5 miler. I hope it's not too cold. We'll see.

I'm going to keep lunch lite. Maybe a 2 point Pizza Quesadilla or a Progresso soup. I've found myself with only 4 pts for dinner lately and it really doesn't work well for me. I like to have 2 pts after dinner to play with for a snack. And I like a dinner with substance. So, ideally I like to have about 8 pts left for dinner and dessert. It might be helpful to subtract those points at the beginning of the day instead of counting down. That might help me.


Spaghetti squash always saves my ass! It's 0 pts and I literally subsitute it for pasta. So I poured 1/4 cup marinara on it and added my 1 pt roll for a 1 pt lunch. WWs requires serious creativity sometimes. So, here's my tracker for today- including my meal plan for the day. I need more fruit cause I suck at that.


B: 2 wholegrain waffles, sf syrup, and ICBINB (fake butter stuff) 4pts

S: too many pretzels: 4 pts

L: Speghetti Squash with marinara and a roll: 1pt

S: Dbl tall, nf, no whip mocha: 3pts

D: Oven fried chicken, steam broccoli with lemon juice and Mrs. Dash: 5 pts

S: Two servings of fruit: apple and grapes probably: 2 pts

I plan to run b/w 3-4 APs running too. So that will allow for my 2 pt WW icecream cone.

***another update***

Ran 4 miles with a 10:34 pace!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's snowed!!! We've had a day full of activities. I woke up (at 9:30am - thank you Ed for letting me sleep in!) and found both my kids to be quite cranky. I thought: this is going to be a long day. Then it snowed...... Luckily I live very close to so many of my good friends and we all rallied together and had fun letting our kids play in the snow. At one point I wrapped Fischer's shoes in garbage bags in an effort to keep them dry. Worked...for a while. :) We met up at a park in out neighborhood and used our make shift sleds (card board box pieces wrapped in garbage bags) to slip down the hills! It was fun. Fischer had a blast. Ed and Ameila stayed back home to nurse her Diva Ways and give her a much needed nap. We made chile, biscuits, and hot butter rum. The adults had as much fun as the kids. Hee hee

Unfortunately between yesterday and today, I've don't have any Flex points left. Ugh. But if I were going to spend it on something, it's would be today. Obviously I didn't get in an major exercise. Unless you count sledding down a hill and walking back. I never broke a sweat. But that's ok.

You would be proud of me though...I actually tracked everything that went into my mouth today. :)

Here's my tracker:

muffin: 3 pts
biscuit: 4 pt
2 english muffin pizzas: 6 pts
hot butter rum: 3 pts
2.5 bowls chili: 12 pts (I know, I was hungry though!)
corn casserole: 4 pt
1 spoon brownie: 1 pt
ham/bean soup: 2 pts
2 rolls: 2 pts

37 POINTS!!!!! Ack! But that's what the ol' flexies are fo.

I also just realized that I'm at the weight range of 19 pts per day now. Maybe that's why I'm lingering too easily at 142. Anyway, I reduced my points and I'm looking forward to seeing a loss this week. I weigh in Monday. I thought about not counting my APs for a while to see how that works, but I'm afraid if I do that that I'll feel deprived and might binge. I think the bottom line is to trust in the plan. If you follow it, it works. If you don't, it doesn't work.

Friday, January 18, 2008

So, I'm at a new class last night called Turbo Kick. It's packed. The instructor subbed for my Total Body class Tuesday and I really liked her so I decided to check out her class since I missed my 6am Heat class. I show up ready to box my ass off (literally). We start doing a variation of Tae Bo and funky dance moves. "Ok, I can do this," I think. Then I start feeling a little "off." My stomach starts churning and I see myself in the mirror and my belly looks 3 months pregnant. I feel very bloated and on the brink of a gastrointestinal blow out. (I know, TMI, but we've all been there) Being the perfect student that I am, I'm on the front row, in the center. I'm trying to get a feel for when there will be a "water break" or something so that I can go to the bathroom. I didn't want to just run out in the middle of the class. I wasn't sure what was more awful: feeling my body as I was turbo kicking and needing to GET TO THE BATHROOM, or seeing my increasingly expanding stomach in the mirror as I kicked. Finally there was a break and I ran like a bat out of hell to the bathroom. Both stalls are occupied. In fact, seems like the women in there are "addressing" the same thing I want to address. As a pool of sweat accumulates on my upper lip, one stall becomes available. OH THANK GOD! I get in and......nada. Nothing. Zip, Zilch, Zero. No relief. So, I then think: "Ok, this is a mind game. I'm going to go back to the class, finish and then head home. I must have eaten something that is just causing me to feel bloated."

I get back into the class and take my awkward place back up front and do my best to keep up. All my "moves" are slow and half assed. All I can do is stare in horror at my belly. I swear, I now looked 4-5 pregnant. I'm not kidding you! I had more air in me than a hot air balloon and with each kick I swore I would blast them all away! Luckily I made it through the class without taking anyone out. I left, jogged to my car, sped home and ran straight upstairs with a knowing nod to Ed. This time my body did it's thing and I was back to my pre pregnancy belly in no time! Ha ha

I took a long, hot bath and finished reading my book: Love in the time of Cholera. Ironically the first page I read had to do with a man having a gastrointestinal distress from nerves. I thought that was funny.

As funny as yesterday was, I didn't eat so well. I'm due for my "lady business" in a few days and I'm wanting to eat salty and sweet things all day long. I cannot be satisfied. So yesterday consisted of a variety of over processed foods. Granted, I only went over my point by 5 pts or so, but it was just yucky stuff like Goldfish, WW icecream cones, Olestra laden chips (it's all making sense), and diet soda. The perfect storm.

Luckily my Flex renewed today and I'm feeling better. I battle this every month. My hormones surge and I feed my body shit and then get shit back as a result. When will I learn?

I planned to make the Heat class today but Amelia woke with a low grade fever and running nose. So, no Y chlidcare for her today. I might try to run on the treadmill. In fact, I should do that right now since she's napping!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I love days like these.......

I took Fischer to school and came back and put Amelia down for a nap (she was up all night apparently thinking it was play time). She's fast asleep and I have NOTHING to do put read and surf the web. Well, I have things to do, but I'm choosing to chill out a bit.

Last night was Knit Night at my house- though it's now turned into a bunch of mom's playing Rockband on the XBox. LOL I did well point wise. I had used my points up to eat chips, salsa and cheese dip as my dinner at our favorite restaurant Salsa. I planned on not eating anything later that night but after we played Rockband for a while I wanted a glass of wine. Then a piece of chocolate. Then I saw the ritz crackers and cheese I set out for everyone else and wanted to devour it. I ate two ritz and then a miracle happened. I stopped! I didn't put anything else into my mouth. And it's a good thing because I'm out of Flex. I probably went 8 pts over, but it could have been worse and I'm going to focus forward and not let those points ruin my week.

So, I've been sort of quiet about this, even though I've been seriously thinking about it for months now. Really, years.... Next Tuesday I have a consult to speak with a plastic surgeon about a tummy tuck. I'm not rushing into anything, but I want to at least talk to some surgeons and get a feel for what is involved. I've batted around the idea seriously since Amelia was born. But I wasn't sure if I wanted more kids. Ed and I talked it over and now we're about 85% sure we're done. But everyone who knows me knows that I could easily change my mind in two days so we'll see... Needless to say, Ed will be having a little out patient procedure of his own before I'd go under. We do not want any surprises! :)

Anyway, it's a hard decision for me because I struggle with guilt. Part of my job as a doula is to teach women about risks and unnecessary interventions in birth. And here I am putting myself at unnecessary risk for vanity's sake. But, if I'm totally honest with myself, I know that my gut and skin is on my mind every hour of the day. I've poured so much work into being healthy and fit and wearing Spanx when I want to wear a fitted shirt is just not something I want to do for the rest of my life. It's important to me to feel good. And I just don't know if I'll ever come to a point where I can embrace the chicken skin that is now my stomach. And, statistically I'm a the best candidate for the procedure. I'm at an ideal weight, I'm active and I have a good potential to see real results. In other words, I've got good muscle tone underneath the skin. Which means my tummy will actually look ripped!

So now I'll do something even more gutsy...I'm going to post pics I took in the mirror this morning of my tummy. To give you all a view of what I'm up against.

*Deep Breaths*

So there you have it! Those jeans are a size 6. You can't see the butt, but it's saggy. I'm convinced I could wear a size 4 with a tuck. But it would only be a "muffin top" if I wore one with my gut as is.

Like I said, I'm not rushing into this. I'm going to meet with several highly recommend surgeons and see how I feel about it. I've got doula clients booked through April. SO I couldn't do anything until then anyway. The recovery would be 6 weeks. And I couldn't pick my kids up for 3 weeks. That's a lot to think about.

Here's a site I've found helpful:

I'm taking a break from intense exercise today. My shoulders are killing me. Ever since my Monday Heat class where we did a massive amount of push ups, I've been sore. So I may go on a walk, but that's it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mom, I want cereal. Maaaaaaahum! It's forty eight o'clock and the sun is up!

(It was 7:45am)
Mom, it's time to get up!

And that was my wake up. Then followed Amelia with her loaded diaper. Don't ya just love that early morning aroma?

I hit the ground running. Took the boys to school. Drove back to the other side of town for my Heat class at the Y. Drove back down Peachtree to my WW's meeting. Went grocery shopping. Got groceries unloaded just in time to go BACK and pick up boys.

*deep breaths*

Lost .4 lbs at weigh in! Hey....I'm happy with that. Considering I spent most of my Flex over the weekend, it's good to show a loss on Monday.

Here's my daily tracker:

Handful of almonds: 2 pts
Mocha: 3pts
WW's Peanut Butter Bliss bar: 1pt

chicken breast: 3 pts
Lite chips: 1 pts
Spinach salad with tomatos and oil free mustard dressing from R. Thomas.: 0 pts

WW's Peanut Butter Bliss bar: 1pt
Pretzels: 2 pts
apple: 1 pt

Low Carb Quesadilla w/ refried beans, 2 oz mozz cheese, spinach, salsa: 5 pts
2 tbsp regular sour cream: 2 pts

Heat: +4pts

Total: 21 pts
4 AP's yields 3 extra points!

I'll probably have a WW icecream cone later tonight...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm peeing every 30 minutes but, by God, I'm hydrated! My water intake has drastically increased and I feel better for it. It's completely changed that icky bloated feeling I had the last few weeks. I've also been more aware of my sodium intake. It's crazy how much 'bigger' you feel when you're dehydrated and up to your eyeballs in salt.

I've been wanting to munch all day. I went to my 6am Heat class this morning and my metabolism has been in full throttle ever since. I took the kids to our play group and then came home and just wanted chips and dip. I kept trying to find something else that was "healthy" and nothing sounded as good. So...I got creative and used my WW's tool "switching." I measured out 2 oz of Lay's Lite Chips (made with Olestra- aka Anal Leakage) for 2 pts, 1 cup of plain fat free yogurt mixed with Lipton's Vegetable soup mix for 2 pts. And for good measure I sliced up some red bell pepper too. The whole snack is 4 pts (which ended up being my lunch). And it totally hit the spot! Never in a million years would I have thought I could pull off ff plain yogurt as sour cream, but it really did taste great. I also used Fage yogurt on baked potatoes too..

Here's my tracker so far for today:

WW muffin= 3pts
mocha=3 pts
apple= 1pt

Heat = +4 pts

Pieces of Amelia's sandwich= 2 pts
Sliced red pepper= 0pts
2oz Lite Chips= 2 pts
1 cup ff yogurt w/ Veggie soup mix= 2 pts

That leaves me with 11 points for dinner and it's already 2pm. Yippee! Now, I just have to reduced too much grazing and then I can enjoy some leftover stuffed peppers with cheddar cheese for 6 pts and have a drink after dinner.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

I had a day full of meetings! I think having meetings all day is the key to success in diets. I grabbed my usual double tall, non fat, no whip mocha from Starbucks at 7:45am and got on 85 for my trip to Swuanee to visit a client. The meeting was 4 hours!!! Then I got back into the car and met another client at Panera Bread near Perimeter Mall. I called Ed on my way and made him look up points at Panera on I got the low fat chicken noodle soup and a roll. But I was talking the whole time and hardly got to eat. Then an employee walked up and was cleaning up all our trays and just took it away. I wonder how much I could pay her to do that at my house when I'm overeating.....

After that I met my Dad for coffee since I was in his area and we chatted. He was paranoid the whole time that someone was going to come in and rob the Starbucks. He scans everyone that walks in the cafe. I guess that's how you become when you're a police officer for 30 something years.... Appropriately paranoid. I'm sure I'm going to go to my workout class now and wonder if my instructor is involved in the mafia.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so I'm surprisingly low in points today which is nice because I'm having Knit Night at my house with a bunch of mommies. But what we're really going to do is play Rockband on the XBOX. The visual alone makes me laugh. I'm on the drums. Melanie (whose 7 months pregnant) is on the guitar. Jenny (whose a momma to two) is on the guitar/bass. And Margo (whose 13 weeks pregnant with her third) will more than likely sing. My world is a funny, funny place.

Anyway, I'm making some point friendly foods and I'm going to my Total Body class- so I'll have plenty to enjoy. :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

141.2 lbs

That's what the scale said today! I'm almost back in the 130 lbs. I was actually getting discouraged a few days ago because I had been around 142 and then the scale creeped back up to 144 yesterday, despite being strictly OP. Then yesterday I went to a birthday tea for my friend and my other friend Corrie said I needed to drink more water. I have been loading up on sodium and caffeine lately and little water. So I drank 2 big glasses of water before bed and 2 glasses when I woke up. I feel much better.

Today's agenda:

Stay OP (Check)

Go to my 10:45am Heat class (Did it and it nearly killed me)

Go to grocery (Check)

Do my weekly cooking today (Doing as I type)

Wash a gazillion loads of laundry (Did one)

Prep for a prenatal visit with my client tomorrow (Printer broken)

Here's my rough tracker for today:

Jimmy Dean's Lite Breakfast Sandwich: 5 pts
Mocha; 3pts

Activity points:
Heat: +4 pts

4 pt quesadilla w/ 1 tbsp regular sour cream: 6 pts

Stuffed peppers: 6 pts

Total: 18 pts total
AP: 4 pts

So I have 4 pts to use for snacks or added meal sides.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I finally decided to really track my alcohol consumption. Not that I'm putting them down like crazy, but I wanted to make sure that glass of wine was actually 2 pts. Well, it's not. I poured my typical glass of wine and then used my WW scale to measure the ounces. Turns out my glass of wine is 4 pts! I'm not drinking 2 oz, I'm drinking 4 oz. Ugh. This explains a lot. The bottom line is that alcohol is point costly. I might scale back.... :)

I do have some food finds to report!

Jimmy Dean's Lite Breakfast Sandwich is 5 pts and very good! Ed let me sleep in today and I woke up craving breakfast food, but did not want to cook. I made one of these and feel very satisfied. I dipped it in ketchup because I'm a condiment addict and secretly use an ungodly amount of ketchup/hot sauce/mustard on any given food item. :)

La Tortilla Factory's Low Carb Tortillas actually taste more like flour tortillas than anything else I've tried. I'm a huge fan of Light Flat Out flatbread simply because it's 0 pts for one flatbread. But, you have to get past the taste. These low carb tortillas actually taste great and are 1 pt per tortilla. I've been making lots of quesadillas with them. I'll probably make a pizza with them tonight.

Tostitos Lite Tortilla Chips. Can you tell I'm on a Mexican kick? Granted, these do have Olestra in them, but they are only 2 pts for 6 chips. I usually break the chips up to make more. I eat them as a snack- dipping in salsa, hummus, ff ranch dressing.

I went to another Heat class yesterday and there was a sub. Not that I'm against subs, but it's just no the same. I felt like my workout wasn't as challenging. But, nonetheless, I did it. I think I'm going to try a Spin class soon. I just need to get one of those gel seat pads (per my Spin experienced friends). Apparently the hoo ha would get a beating if I don't use one. So, there ya have it!

I might try to run today. It depends on how the kids are and whether the time presents itself. I won't stress if I can't fit it in though. I woke up intending to take Fischer to the Y and swim in the indoor pool with him, but turns out we have no swim suit for him. He's outgrown everything and I gave away his summer clothes. But he lost interest in going anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal.

I used 14 of my Flex last night. We had people over and enjoyed chips and salsa and drinks. We also enjoy Rockband for the XBOX. I love it and I'm good damn it! I play the drums and I have to say I'm addicted. :) Hey, and it doesn't hurt to actually get some movement in too huh?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

PSA: Starbuck's Sugar Free Mocha's taste like ass!

Yes, I said ASS! Because that's what they taste like. I was so disappointed. I found out through my WW's message board that they came out with the new SF mocha and I was anxious to try it. It's only 2 points instead of 3. Well, I woke up at 5:40am for my Heat class at the YCMA and then hit Starbucks afterwards. YUCK! I almost turned the car around to get a regular one, but I'm making myself drink it. *shiver* It really is that bad guys.....

Like I said, went to my Heat class and boy I could tell it's been 2 weeks since my last Heat. I was s l o w. At the end we did relay races with partners and I thought I was going to drop. But I did it! Earned 4 APs (though I know that class is worth at least 5 APs). It's 8am and I just want to crawl back into bed with my "ass" mocha and go back to sleep!

But......I can't. Fischer just got up and is ready for breakfast.

My Flex renew tomorrow- so one more day of OP and then I can splurge tomorrow if I want. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wooooooohoooooooo! Got on the scale this morning and it said 142.5!!! I'm back in my "safe zone" and feeling really good. I've got a new zeal for the program. And why not.....2007 is gone and 2008 is a brand new slate! My mini goal is to be back in the 130's and stay there. I have a secret goal of 130 lbs. And I'm feeling close.

I feel like I haven't fully gotten back into my normal activity routine since I left for NYC. I've been able to runs a few times, but not back to my Heat classes. I lurv Heat! I showed up at the NYE at the time Heat was suppose to be and turns out it was canceled that day. So I had to *gag* run on the treadmill. I hate treadmill running. Though I did get into two episodes of "John and Kate Plus 8" which is nice. That show makes me feel like my life is really, really easy and stress free.

I'm going to do something today. I'm not sure what. Some sort of activity. Ed is having a day from hell with work, so I'm not going to count on him to be home for dinner. I may take the kids to the Y for an evening class. My kids are almost unbearable lately in the evening hours. So cranky and whiny. It's maddening. I want nothing more than to sit on the couch with them and love on them and read books and sing, but even that bores them. It's weird. Maybe it's the winter months... I could try and face the cold with the double jogger stroller and take them on a run..... That would be brave of me. Who knows... Maybe I'll just wait for bed time and put the treadmill on a steep incline and walk 3 miles. I know it's weird, but I really like walking up hill. It zaps a different muscle group than I do with running.

Here's my tracker:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Apple: 1 pt

Quesadilla with 2 low carb tortillas, cheese, onion, fresh spinach: 4 pts
Lite Chips: 2 pts
Salsa for dipping: 0 pts
WW icecream cone: 2 pts

Dinner will be:
Baked pork chops: 3 pts
Steamed broccoli with lemon juice:0 pts

After dinner snack: 2 pts to whatever APs I earn (probably around 3-4 pts)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


It's 2008 and there is just something so refreshing about starting a new year. We had our party last night and I'm proud to say I stayed within my points and really focused on enjoying everyone around me, not just the food. :) It did help to plan though. I made lots of point friendly appetizers that I enjoyed. Who knew you could make deviled eggs with non fat yogurt? I swear it tasted the same and I'm picky!

I haven't updated with any pics. It's been so long since I've taken a full body pic of myself. Here's me and my friend and sister in law last night. I'll update soon with another comparison.

I also wanted to post some pics of my recent food favs.....

Acorn squash bowl with roasted veggies and feta....2 points!

3 pt pizza quesadilla

Today's Tracker:

muffing: 3 pts
grande mocha: 4 pts

Quesadilla: 4 pts
Lite tortilla chips: 2 pts
Salsa: 0 pts

1/2 turkey and cheese hot sandwich: 2.5 pts
100 cal doritos: 3 pts
1 pickle: 0 pts

Total: 18.5 pts!

I'm actually 1.5 pts below my daily allowance and I'm done eating for the day! I don't think that's ever happened. LOL
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