Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Antibiotics are my friends! (close your eyes crunchy friends)

Feeling much, much better. Unfortunately I can't eat because my throat hurts. But I'll take that any day over that "fluish" feeling.

Today has consisted of getting a mocha, playing with my kids and then tickling Fischer over and over again. There ya have it! I'm so grateful to have energy again. That and my headache is gone!

On the food front, not much eating. I had a mocha because it feels good on my throat. Made it a decaf since I've already inadvertently weaned myself off caffeine. (Now you can look crunchy friends) As I'm typing this, Fischer is jiggling my arm and saying: "hey, your arm wiggles!" Likes it's a cool toy I had and didn't tell him about.


Have no real thoughts, but just wanted to update. :)

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