Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm peeing every 30 minutes but, by God, I'm hydrated! My water intake has drastically increased and I feel better for it. It's completely changed that icky bloated feeling I had the last few weeks. I've also been more aware of my sodium intake. It's crazy how much 'bigger' you feel when you're dehydrated and up to your eyeballs in salt.

I've been wanting to munch all day. I went to my 6am Heat class this morning and my metabolism has been in full throttle ever since. I took the kids to our play group and then came home and just wanted chips and dip. I kept trying to find something else that was "healthy" and nothing sounded as good. So...I got creative and used my WW's tool "switching." I measured out 2 oz of Lay's Lite Chips (made with Olestra- aka Anal Leakage) for 2 pts, 1 cup of plain fat free yogurt mixed with Lipton's Vegetable soup mix for 2 pts. And for good measure I sliced up some red bell pepper too. The whole snack is 4 pts (which ended up being my lunch). And it totally hit the spot! Never in a million years would I have thought I could pull off ff plain yogurt as sour cream, but it really did taste great. I also used Fage yogurt on baked potatoes too..

Here's my tracker so far for today:

WW muffin= 3pts
mocha=3 pts
apple= 1pt

Heat = +4 pts

Pieces of Amelia's sandwich= 2 pts
Sliced red pepper= 0pts
2oz Lite Chips= 2 pts
1 cup ff yogurt w/ Veggie soup mix= 2 pts

That leaves me with 11 points for dinner and it's already 2pm. Yippee! Now, I just have to reduced too much grazing and then I can enjoy some leftover stuffed peppers with cheddar cheese for 6 pts and have a drink after dinner.

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Anonymous said...

yea for water- the pee thing is annoying but you get use to it. I'm back to my old Dasani water bottle habit- good times- Corrie

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