Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

I had a day full of meetings! I think having meetings all day is the key to success in diets. I grabbed my usual double tall, non fat, no whip mocha from Starbucks at 7:45am and got on 85 for my trip to Swuanee to visit a client. The meeting was 4 hours!!! Then I got back into the car and met another client at Panera Bread near Perimeter Mall. I called Ed on my way and made him look up points at Panera on www.dwlz.com. I got the low fat chicken noodle soup and a roll. But I was talking the whole time and hardly got to eat. Then an employee walked up and was cleaning up all our trays and just took it away. I wonder how much I could pay her to do that at my house when I'm overeating.....

After that I met my Dad for coffee since I was in his area and we chatted. He was paranoid the whole time that someone was going to come in and rob the Starbucks. He scans everyone that walks in the cafe. I guess that's how you become when you're a police officer for 30 something years.... Appropriately paranoid. I'm sure I'm going to go to my workout class now and wonder if my instructor is involved in the mafia.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so I'm surprisingly low in points today which is nice because I'm having Knit Night at my house with a bunch of mommies. But what we're really going to do is play Rockband on the XBOX. The visual alone makes me laugh. I'm on the drums. Melanie (whose 7 months pregnant) is on the guitar. Jenny (whose a momma to two) is on the guitar/bass. And Margo (whose 13 weeks pregnant with her third) will more than likely sing. My world is a funny, funny place.

Anyway, I'm making some point friendly foods and I'm going to my Total Body class- so I'll have plenty to enjoy. :)

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