Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's snowed!!! We've had a day full of activities. I woke up (at 9:30am - thank you Ed for letting me sleep in!) and found both my kids to be quite cranky. I thought: this is going to be a long day. Then it snowed...... Luckily I live very close to so many of my good friends and we all rallied together and had fun letting our kids play in the snow. At one point I wrapped Fischer's shoes in garbage bags in an effort to keep them dry. Worked...for a while. :) We met up at a park in out neighborhood and used our make shift sleds (card board box pieces wrapped in garbage bags) to slip down the hills! It was fun. Fischer had a blast. Ed and Ameila stayed back home to nurse her Diva Ways and give her a much needed nap. We made chile, biscuits, and hot butter rum. The adults had as much fun as the kids. Hee hee

Unfortunately between yesterday and today, I've don't have any Flex points left. Ugh. But if I were going to spend it on something, it's would be today. Obviously I didn't get in an major exercise. Unless you count sledding down a hill and walking back. I never broke a sweat. But that's ok.

You would be proud of me though...I actually tracked everything that went into my mouth today. :)

Here's my tracker:

muffin: 3 pts
biscuit: 4 pt
2 english muffin pizzas: 6 pts
hot butter rum: 3 pts
2.5 bowls chili: 12 pts (I know, I was hungry though!)
corn casserole: 4 pt
1 spoon brownie: 1 pt
ham/bean soup: 2 pts
2 rolls: 2 pts

37 POINTS!!!!! Ack! But that's what the ol' flexies are fo.

I also just realized that I'm at the weight range of 19 pts per day now. Maybe that's why I'm lingering too easily at 142. Anyway, I reduced my points and I'm looking forward to seeing a loss this week. I weigh in Monday. I thought about not counting my APs for a while to see how that works, but I'm afraid if I do that that I'll feel deprived and might binge. I think the bottom line is to trust in the plan. If you follow it, it works. If you don't, it doesn't work.

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