Sunday, January 27, 2008

So, Friday night I had a few drinks. Not too bad- definitely didn't feel "drunk, drunk." Tipsy? Yes. Drunk? No. I spread them out and I was drinking water in between. Don't worry, I was in my own home playing Rockband and Catch Phrase with my friends. I also scored the best I've scored on drums on one song- so I know I didn't have too many. Nonetheless I woke up Saturday feeling like hell. I thought: Really? Did I really drink that much? Am I losing my edge? Should I limit myself to 1 drink now? Dayum, I'm old.... I had a baby shower I really wanted to be at for a good friend and willed myself out of bed. I remember someone telling me you feel better if you eat something greasy. So I went to Wendy's drive thru and got a burger, fries and a coco cola. I could barely finish it-so you *know* something was up with that! Felt even worse at the shower. I could barely talk. I just sat on the couch feeling awful. And there was some GOOD food that. Double wammy. I was thinking that if I needed to vomit, I'd just casually run to the bathroom. No one would know! I'm still hiding my symptoms because I feel ashamed that I had a hang over.

By the time I got home from the shower I was bedridden. I felt awful because Ed had been up with the kids since 6:30am and let me sleep in. I told him I'd let him nap in the afternoon. That didn't happen. I needed him to be "on." By some miracle we got the kids to bed and I started feeling even worse. Ed ran to the store to get me some flu meds That helped me sleep, but I awoke this morning feeling the same. Nothing has really tapered off. So here I am, in my bed and Ed took the kids to his parents house. I'm so grateful for the rest.

To top it off- I started my period. JOY! So now I'm feeling REALLY icky. To be honest, I'm glad it's not a hangover. I was feeling pretty embarrassed about that. To find the good in this: I did get on the scale and see the 130's yesterday. I hope it stays there.!


B: Theraflu

S: Emergen-C powder in water

L: Crackers, vita muffin, coffee (to ease my caffeine withdraw headache.

S: Watch tv and maybe rest.

D: If I feel like eating, I'll go for soup!

Guess no Heat class for me tomorrow.

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