Thursday, January 24, 2008

So, I showed up at my Turbo Kick class again this week. This time my stomach was a normal size and I wasn't having any gastronintestinal issues that might pose a risk to my fellow kickers. It was hard! I gave it my all since I was feeling good, but it still kicked my butt. Then, after the workout I went to Publix for groceries. I got some beef steak for a Beef Stroganoff recipe I'm going to make tomorrow. And I needed some WW''s muffin. Wouldn't ya know they stopped carrying them! Or at least that's what it appeared like. They weren't in their usual place and I couldn't find them anywhere. I hate being out of muffins. :(

Today was exciting because I was 141.2 lbs on my scale!!! And that's including my PMS, bloating body right now. I have a feeling I'll see the 130's next week. Oh man, I'd be thrilled!!!

Tomorrow morning is my beloved Heat class. I'm looking forward to giving 100% in my workouts so that I can really burn those last few pounds and be safely back under goal and onto my new personal goal of 130 lbs!!!

Here's my daily tracker:

B: Vita Muffin: 1 pt

S: Mocha: 3 pt

L: Peanut butter sandwich: 4 pts

S: 3 pt quesadilla: 3 pts
Chips/Salsa: 4 pts

D: Chicken Goulash: 5 pts
Grapes: 1 pt

S: 1 cup Lite Slow Churn icecream: 4 pt
Little bit of Hershey's syrup: 1 pt

Total: 26 pts
APs : + 4 pts
= 22 pts

Used 3 Flex pts

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