Monday, March 31, 2008

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt is in the freezer...

But I'm not going have any. I really want some, but I've begun a new week and ate all my points plus 8 flex today. Plus, I'm still full from dinner. So I can't even claim that good old pregnant hunger.

Here's my tracker:

All Bran cereal w/ skim milk: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Moe's Homewrecker Burrito with the works: 15 pts
Chips/salsa: 4 pts

Chili: 6 pts
Two slices whole wheat sourdough bread: 4 pts
1 dark chocolate dove egg: 2 pts

Total: 37 pts
Used 9 Flex

No work out today. Still getting over this cold.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Revamp Exercise!

I was thinking today that I needed to mix up my exercise routine a bit. I'm getting a little bored and I think I'm taking classes that are too much alike. I was looking the Aerobic Schedule at my YMCA and thinking I'm going to try some water aerobics and some more yoga. Normally I take Heat on Mondays. But I read an article in Fit Pregnancy that "jolting" exercising in early pregnancy have been linked with miscarriage. Now, those who know me, know that I'm usually laid back about all the "your not suppose to's" with pregnancy. But for some reason this stood out to me. I'm not going to back off on the intensity level, but just the type of activity.

So I think I'm going to try the Deep Water class tomorrow at 9am. It's a "more challenging" version of regular water aerobics according to the class descriptions. So, I'll check that out and see what it's like. I hope it's not a bunch of old ladies that kick my ass in water aerobics! LOL

This means I have to shave......

Today I slept late because I was up all night sick. :( My throat is killing me and I just couldn't get to sleep. I woke up and wanted a little bit of sf,ff chocolate pudding that I made. Just seemed like it would feel good on my throat. Then Ed ordered Papa John's pizza for lunch. He got the whole wheat veggie pizza. It was good! I had two slices since I didn't really have breakfast. I'll have some salad and some left over Pilaf for dinner I think.

Here's my tracker:

Pudding: 1 pt

2 Slices Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza: 10 pts
Coke: 3 pts

Bulgur Chickpea Pilaf: 4 pts
Salad w/ dressing: 2 pts
Veggies (zucchini): 0 pts

Total: 20 pts

I have 6 more pts to eat. I'm sure I'll manage to find something.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Today I have the privilege of sleeping until 9am!!! My dad kept the kids last night and we didn't have to be at Fischer's soccer game until 10am. Good times....

Poor Millie kept my step mom Sandy up all night. She has an ear infection. Luckily my doc friend called in some antibiotics for her so I didn't have to go sit in an emergency room for 5 hours with a screaming 2 year old. It's been 5 hours since her dose of antibiotics and she's already feeling better. I, on the other hand, am feeling yucky. My throat hurts and it's that itchy feeling where you need to cough a lot. I'm counting down the minute to bedtime.

Here's my tracker for today:

WW Yogurt: 1 pt
Mocha: 3 pts

Grits: 2 pts
Biscuits (yes, 2): 6 pts
Chicken sausage: 2 pts
Egg: 2 pts

Bulgur Chickpea Pilaf: 4 pts
Sauteed Mushrooms: 0 pts
Salad with romaine, cucumbers, tomatos and TJ's Raspberry Vinegarrete dressing: 2 pts
Steamed Broccoli: 0 pt

Cadburry Egg (ahem) 4 pts

Total: 26 pts

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Oh thank God!!! I woke up today wide awake at 7am. Then I crashed at 8am. :) At least I got the kids fed and dressed in my "springy" mode. Fischer's at school and Amelia is napping. In an hour I'll wake Amelia up and we'll head off to pick up Fischer and then I'm meeting my dad to drop the kids off!!! He and my stepmom are taking them for the night.

And that means Ed and I are having a date night. We're going out to eat with another couple and I'm so looking forward to it. I need some awake childless time. :) We're going to Six Feet Under and I still haven't pinned down what I'm going to have. They have a lot of unique things. I LOVE the homemade fries with horseraddish dip. And the salads. And the burgers. Mmmmmmmm....

After I drop the kids off I'm headed to the YMCA and I plan to do 30 mins of cardio and a body sculpt class. It's been two days since I've been able to work out and I need it! It's tough when your kids are sick because even if your up for something, you can't take them there and infect everyone else. I had a cold too, but I think I passed the worst of it. Today I feel good.

Morning scale: 139.6lbs

Here's my tracker so far:

All Bran ceareal/skim milk: 3 pts
1/2 banana: 1 pt

Mocha: 3 pts
Rice cake w/ a little peanut butter: 2 pts

Quesadiila on low carb tortillas, mozz cheese and fresh mushrooms: 5 pts
Salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and Lite Sweet Onion dressing: 2 pts

So I have 10 pts left and 15 Flex. You bet I'll be spending the Flex while I'm out tonight. But I'll be sensible. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How to do Weight Watchers while pregnant..

I have been all over the internet researching how many points a pregnant woman should eat daily while pregnant. Weight Watcher's used to have a pregnancy plan but don't anymore. Really the whole thing is silly. Everyone is over concerned about the baby not getting enough. In reality- anyone on WW's surely struggles with eating too much. And if that's the case, the most healthy thing to do in a pregnancy is to gain appropriately. You put your baby to more risk of Diabetes or Pre-eclampisa if you gain too much.

Anyway, I'm setting a goal weight for the end of my pregnancy. 165lbs! I was 165 lbs when I got pregnant with Amelia!! Oy! I'm 140 lbs now. That gives me a nice 25 lb gain. That might seem too little to some, but seeing that I gained 60 lbs with both my pregnancies, I think I can stand to hold back a little. :) Plus, I was miserable at the end of my pregnancies from all the gain. And I developed high blood pressure at the end of Amelia's. If I get up to 170 lbs I won't cry. :)

So, after scanning multiple blogs and message boards, I've come to the conclusion that I need to eat about 30 pts per day (plus Flex, plus APs) to gain wisely. In order to maintain my weight I'd need to eat roughly 24 points. When you're pregnant you only need an extra 300 calories per day. Each WW point is roughly 50 calories. So that's 6 pts. 24+6=30 pts! And there you have it!

Now, in the first trimester I've read that you don't necessarily need those extra 300 calories yet. Which lines up with what my midwife recommends- only a 5 lb gain by 20 weeks. Mainly because your body packs it on the second half of pregnancy. So my goal for the next 7 weeks (I'm roughly 5 weeks) is to eat 24 pts per day+Flex+APs. If I feel hungry, I'll eat more. Then from 12 weeks on-30 pts per day!

How's that sound?

Morning scale read 141. I ate some mexican food last night which involves chips, which involves bloating for me. So I expect the scale to read 140 tomorrow morning.

Daily Tracker:

1/2 banan: 1 pt
Mocha (decaf): 3 pts

1 avacado: 5 pts
Chips: 3 pts
Left over Chicken Ranch Pasta: 4 pts

Clementines: 1 pt

Honely Glazed Pork Chops with non fat garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus: 7 pts

Total: 24 pts!

Amelia and I have a nasty cold today. :(

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some good news....

So now this blog is going to have a new twist! Is it still going to be about Weight Watcher's? You bet! I'm going to do a modified point system all the way through!

I'll be back later to share my plan.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I had a dream last night that I was in the army and it was Spring time but it was snowing. Me and a bunch of other women were running up a hill, doing drills where we sprint up a hill and jog down over and over again. My chest was burning and I could barely breath.

Wait....that wasn't a dream. That was my Heat class this morning! I'm still weezing... That was by far the hardest Heat class I've been too! Oh my God I thought I was going to die. Phew! I pushed myself though because I needed to counteract some Cadburry Egg eaten that I did this weekend.

Well, once again, I try something new and realize that it's not for me. I really focused on eating consciously this weekend and I think I overeat even when I try to think about it. :( It's frustrating. But, it's okay. Because I can have whatever I want on WW's, I just have to plan it. I sat down last night and made a meal plan for this week. I'm doing Core this week. I've got to get my cravings under control and if I keep allowing myself processed foods, I'll only keep craving them. My plan is to follow Core and spend my Flex on what I want!

After my heat class I drove to the farmer's market near the kid's school. When you go to the farmer's market it's like the Bermuda Triangle. You truly lose track of time and space. It's sort of a cross between roaming the streets of NYC and a jungle all at the same time. I had this list with all this stuff categorized to make the trip easy and quick. Before I knew it I needed to leave and I hadn't got any of the meats I needed. And the meat area had lines of people so I knew it wasn't going to happen. Luckily I got all the fresh produce and dairy. So I left. Picked up the kids. Got home and unloaded it all. Got the kids down for a nap and I took a bath.

For dinner, of course, we skip all the food I just bought and went out to eat! Our fav place Salsa with our fav friends! I had chips, salsa and cheese dip and then a Sante Fe Flyer. I though it was just a chicken breast with cheddar, avacado and cheese on it. I got it and turns out it was a sandwich. I ate half of it. It was massive!

So here's my tracker for today:

B: 2 hardboiled eggs, 1 cup strawberries (Core)

S: Mocha: (Core +1 pt)

L: Carrots with Hummus (Core)

AP: Heat: +4 pts

S: Hot chocolate (Courtesy of my neighbor Jen- 3 pts)

D. Sante Fe Flyer: 7 pts
Chips/salsa/cheese dip: 9 pts
***AND WINE!!!!! 4 pts***

Used 20 Flex!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Can Make You Thin

So last night Ed and I sat in bed and watched TV. It's a rare occasion that we're both going to sleep at the same time, so it's like our "date." :) We watched TLC's "I Can Make You Thin." I was surprisingly glued to the TV. The concept isn't new to me- I did The Weigh Down Diet by Gwen Shamblin a couple years ago and it's identical to that. But taking into account my recent snacky, overeating tendencies, I decided to pay attention and refresh myself on why it's important to eat intuitively. This guy has 4 rules...

1. When you're hunger~Go eat!

2. Eat what you want. Not what you think you should.

3. Eat consciously.

4. When you are full, stop eating!

Big fat "DUH!" Right? Wrong. This is such a good thin for me to see right now. Mainly because counting points has been a struggle for a couple weeks now and I need to touch on the real issue- which is overeating. Luckily my eating habits are such that I do crave healthy foods. I just eat them too much. I really don't crave french fries, pies, brownies, etc. The foods I crave are things like pizza, chips, coca cola, etc. And I do have those, often. And that's the beauty of Weight Watchers. I can have all those. But lately I've just felt overwhelmed with the planning. So I figure I'd try this new challenge and take a week to eat exclusively by my hunger cues. Ed's doing it too. It's too cute! There's something so cute about Ed being aware of what he eats. :)

Anyway, I'll still post my tracker. My friend Lindsey and I went to Flying Biscuit this morning for breakfast. You all know how passionately I feel about Flying Biscuit. Anyway, I'm just now getting hungry for lunch. Ficsher and I are going to run some errands. We might stop off and get a *gasp* burger! LOL

B: Coffee with sugar and cream
Ordered: Eggs Benedict w/ grits and a whole wheat biscuit.
Ate: 1 half of the eggs benedict, 1/2 bowl of grits, 3/4 the biscuit.
Stopped when I was full!

I'll update the remainder of my food today later. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Funky McFunkerson

I'm in a funk! Hence, why I haven't updated in a while. I haven't necessarily been "bad," but I haven't logged my food AT ALL! My food journal has every breakfast written down, but nothing else. Apparently I give up pretty early in the day. In my defense, I've been pretty busy. Selling cars, prenatal visits, births, play date, etc. But that's life, so I can't really give that as my excuse now can I?

It's Friday and I'm just "blah." Amelia has pink eye- so I couldn't go to my Heat class this morning. Luckily I have some left over medicine from Fischer when he had it. And I'm not paying that stupid co pay so the Ped can tell me she has it. So I'm totally rubbing that goop in her eye with out a diagnosis. Sue me. WHere was I? Oh yeah, exercise. Ed will get off early today, so I'm hoping to get in a good hour of cardio whether it's a class at the Y or a run. We'll see.

So far today it's been:

All Bran cereal with skim milk and 1/2 a banana: 4 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

L: probably a chicken salad with almonds, cranberries, fresh veggies and some Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing. 7 pts

D: Don't know. I'd like to order in or eat out. I'm getting stir crazy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Aches and Pains...

Well, I ate some more Girl Scout cookies yesterday. I DID NOT BINGE though! I had roughly 1/2 a sleeve of Thin Mints. Then I just started handing them out to kids. LOL After that I decided it was time for some cardio. Ed go the kids ready for bed and I headed out the door to run. Did a great 3 miler and then had some hip pain. Not terribly unusual. I can usually sleep it off and it's fine by morning. Well, I got up at 5:45am to go to my 6am Heat class and it hurt on and off, but I pushed through. Now it really hurts. Not a pulled muscle feeling though. Like a joint thing. Oh well. I'm just impressed that I made the early bird Heat class this week!

Oh and no more Girl Scout cookies. All I have left are the new Sugar Free Chocolate Chip. And who the hell wants that????!


On the agenda today is playgroup at 10am, back for naps and then we're watching the neighbor's kids for a couple hours. I need to figure out dinner so I don't order out. :)

Be back later....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies...

They were delivered at my door yesterday and they're still left this morning! I had 5 Somoas and 3 thin mints. That's not bad for me! I used some Flex, but hey that's what they're for. I plan to take the rest to my book club on Friday. That is ALSO where I plan to eat mass quantities of the Cheesy Beer Dip I'm bringing.


I'm planning to get to the YMCA for something today. I missed my turbo kick class yesterday due to a birth and I'm already feeling lazy. It will either be a Body Sculpt or a Power Step class. I'm leaning toward a Power Step class because it's more cardio. That means it will burn my fat. Me likey.


B: WW muffin: 3 pts

S: mocha: 3 pts

L: Lean Cuisine Panini: 7 pts
Apple: 1 pt
Spinach salad with ff dressing: 0 pts

S: Fruit....

D: Homemade Turkey Burgers on whole wheat buns: 5 pt
Broccoli: o pts

I'll update later!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

At least someone earned some activity points today..


Hey my friends!

I was called out to a birth at 3:45am this morning. Short and to the point and now I'm back at home (it's 9am). I have a grande mocha that I picked up on the way home and hope that gets me through the afternoon until Ed gets home. I've got another mom due any minute now too- so I have a feeling I'll get a nap in and then be off at a birth again! I love my job...

Sorry I haven't been posting the last few days. I've just been busy I guess. I weighed in yesterday at 139 lbs! Yah, no paying WWs! My leader Dee was there and got onto me for not coming to meetings anymore. She's right, I need to get back and sit for a meeting here soon.

Today is a big off, but my plan is to stay strictly OP and then use all my Flex for my Book Club on Friday night. I'll be making Cheesy Beer Dip and plan to eat most of it. :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Stuck to my plan today! Well, except no workout. :( I wanted to but I just couldn't get the kids together in time to make it happen. Amelia was having an extended nap (which she needed) and Fischer was throwing a fit because he wanted to stay home and play with Finn and not go to the YMCA. I invited Finn to go with us, but then Finn said "I hate the YMCA!" Okay.

Anyhoo, just though I'd post some pics of our "fort making" day on the deck yesterday. Amelia was napping, the boys made one heck of a fort and I sat down with my new favorite beverage (lime seltzer water with fresh limes squeezed in) and read my book.

I wish I could keep that kind of weather in a bottle and open it whenever I need to sit on my deck. Not too hot, not too cold.!!!

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I ate like a cow yesterday! It started with the burrito. Okay. Fair enough. Spend some Flex. Then dinner came around and I failed to pull any meat out of the freezer (fail to plan, plan to fail) and felt victim to ordering out to Burger Joe's. I got a flippin massive cheese burger and some rank fries that appears to have been sitting in the fryer for a very long time. Oh, but I ate every last bit of them, don't you worry!

See, this is where I preach about habits and getting back on the horse the next meal. Once your discipline muscle weaken, it's a slippery slope. I even sort of planned my day, but didn't stick to it. Ugh. Today I will actually stick to my plan. Thank God I've done cardio every day this week to help make up for my poor eating habits. My poor body's like: "Hey- we were enjoying that non bloated, fresh feeling!"

But, today is DIFFERENT! It's good. It's new. It's an OP day!


B: Mocha: 3 pts (wasn't hungry)

S: Vita Muffin: 1 pt

L: Whole wheat penne pasta with tomato basil sauce from Figo. =7 pts

S: Fruit!

D: I will eat the tilapia in my freezer. I WILL!!!

Some sort of cardio. Probably 20 mins on the elliptical and then a Body Sculpt class.

I'll check back later!!

But I thought I'd leave with a Question of the Day.....

What do you do to stop the insanity when things become crazy, food wise?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Endorphines are our friends!

I'm writing to you in the middle of a major endorphine high. I took my old route from last summer, running from my house to our local coffee shop and back. Exactly 3 miles. I've had a pesky cold for the last 3 days and I just about hacked up a lung running, but I think it helped me because it cleared my chest. And now I feel gooooooood......... And I earned 3 APs!

Today was my day of "get shit done!" The kids were off to school at 9:30am. I had to take a Britax carseat I got inadvertently to the UPS store and ship it back to the store that messed my order up. Then I had to drive across town to Jared's Jewelry to get my engagement ring fixed. One prong was crooked and I just knew it would result in the diamond coming out if I did not do something about it. I haven't been wearing it for a couple months because I didn't want to the lose the diamond. But today was the day and I needed to get all these things taken care of and stop procrastinating! And I did! WIthout too much trouble.

Here's my tracker:

B: WW muffin: 3 pts

S: Grande Mocha: 4 pts

L: Chick-fil-A chicken tender salad with Light Italian dressing: 9 pts

S: Tall Mocha (I know-at least it was decaf): 3 pts

AP: +3 pts!

D: Baked Tilapia, steamed broccoli: 3 pts

S: Apple: 1 pts

Total: 20 pts used, 1 Flexie used

I need to make it a class tomorrow. I have a play group at 10am. I might go to the 9:30 step class and just be late to play group. I'm liking this new routine of working out during the morning hours. Makes my afternoon and evenings seem less hectic.

Gotta run!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm mad at the YMCA

Morning scale reading: 139.4lbs!

They canceled on of my favorite classes! Total Body is now just a wimpy old Sculpt class.. I'm so pissed. I go to that class religiously. So do about 20 other people. I really don't see why they canceled. It makes no sense. I guess it's too much planning on the instructor's end. It's not that I don't like Body Sculpt- but it doesn't include cardio, so you have to show up early and go on a tread mill to if you want to combine cardio and strength. And you all know how I loathe tread mills. Grrrrrr....

So now I'm going to have to find another cardio option for Tuesdays. I looked on the schedule and they have a Turbo Kick class listed at 10:45am. I don't know if it's new for March, but I've never noticed that before. That's a way better time for me and the family and I love the Thursday evening Turbo Kick class. You burn TONS of calories. So, the kids and I will pack up and go to the YMCA here in a little bit.

Yesterday was a much better OP day. I never got back to update my tracker. Sorry. Long day. Ed got a stomach bug and I was busy all day with the kids.

I do have a "plan" for today though:

B: Rice cake with 1 tbsp peanut butter: 3 pts

S: mocha: 3 pts

AP: Turbo Kick: +4 pts

L: Left over Beef and Noodles: 5 pts

S: Apple and vitamuffin: 2 pts

D: Tilapia and fresh, steamed veggies: 5 pts


Mental note: don't complain that you need cardio and then go to the class that has so much cardio you feel like you're going to drop! :) Made it to the Turbo Kick class. I'm exhausted and ready for bed. And it's only 12:30pm. That class is so tough! It's like Tae Bo on crack. It probably didn't help that I didn't have much in my stomach before going. I had a caffeine headache and growling stomach when I got to class. Now I'm all cozy on my couch with my mocha and my laptop. Millie is making me pretend tea with her teapot. NUM NUM!

Monday, March 03, 2008

140.6 lbs. I'm up a bit because I've been on a sugar binge the last 24 hours. Probably didn't help that I went to a birthday party in the middle of it. Homemade cookie cake, icecream, etc. It tasted great going in, but the crash is so not worth it. That and I just feel tired and my stomach has been upset. And I know it's because I've had too much junk.

But today is Monday and the start of a new week! I think I'm the only one who loves Mondays. For me they represent Flex renewal and a fresh start. Last night I left to go to Costco with this grand list of foods to get in bulk (mostly meat) and of course I show up and they're closed. "Oh yeah, it's Sunday. They close at 6pm." So I ended up at Publix and actually found some good sales on ground beef and fish. I got lean ground beef, ground turkey, lean pork loin, chicken breasts, a whole chicken, and some tilapia filets. I've found that if I have some lean meat in my freezer, I end up using it! haha I've wanted to trim my grocery budget down and switch to a cash budget and this week one of doing that. The goal is $400/month to feed a family of four. I usually spend $500. But I'm convinced most of that is junk and prepackaged foods. My method will be to spend $200 at the beginning of the month buying meat, beans, rice, and milk in bulk. Then spending $50/ week on produce and extras. We'll see how it goes. My goal is to reduce processed foods.

I'm going to my Heat class in 2 hours and I'm ready to burn off some of that junk.

I'll formulate a meal plan for this week and post my tracker later.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

138lbs! (Morning scale reading)

Good deal! Amelia was sick today (fever and cough) so I had to stay home with her and not go to Fischer's first soccer game. :( But Ed said he had a blast. Then I switched kids with Ed and took Fischer to his friend's bday party at Kangazoom. Needless to say my little man is tuckered out. Me too.

I haven't had much of an appetite today. I had a muffin, a coffee and a turkey sandwich. I just have an anxious feeling in me that seems to be ruling me lately. It affects my appetite. But the day is still young, so we'll see.....LOL It doesn't take much for me the snap out of it and start eating.

I may go running later, may not. Just depends on the family. Amelia seems fine now, but she may hit a wall later and I can't leave Ed with a tired boy and a sick girl and go run. Though I desperately need the endorphines!

We'll see.

I'll update with my full tracker later...
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