Friday, March 28, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Oh thank God!!! I woke up today wide awake at 7am. Then I crashed at 8am. :) At least I got the kids fed and dressed in my "springy" mode. Fischer's at school and Amelia is napping. In an hour I'll wake Amelia up and we'll head off to pick up Fischer and then I'm meeting my dad to drop the kids off!!! He and my stepmom are taking them for the night.

And that means Ed and I are having a date night. We're going out to eat with another couple and I'm so looking forward to it. I need some awake childless time. :) We're going to Six Feet Under and I still haven't pinned down what I'm going to have. They have a lot of unique things. I LOVE the homemade fries with horseraddish dip. And the salads. And the burgers. Mmmmmmmm....

After I drop the kids off I'm headed to the YMCA and I plan to do 30 mins of cardio and a body sculpt class. It's been two days since I've been able to work out and I need it! It's tough when your kids are sick because even if your up for something, you can't take them there and infect everyone else. I had a cold too, but I think I passed the worst of it. Today I feel good.

Morning scale: 139.6lbs

Here's my tracker so far:

All Bran ceareal/skim milk: 3 pts
1/2 banana: 1 pt

Mocha: 3 pts
Rice cake w/ a little peanut butter: 2 pts

Quesadiila on low carb tortillas, mozz cheese and fresh mushrooms: 5 pts
Salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and Lite Sweet Onion dressing: 2 pts

So I have 10 pts left and 15 Flex. You bet I'll be spending the Flex while I'm out tonight. But I'll be sensible. :)

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