Monday, March 03, 2008

140.6 lbs. I'm up a bit because I've been on a sugar binge the last 24 hours. Probably didn't help that I went to a birthday party in the middle of it. Homemade cookie cake, icecream, etc. It tasted great going in, but the crash is so not worth it. That and I just feel tired and my stomach has been upset. And I know it's because I've had too much junk.

But today is Monday and the start of a new week! I think I'm the only one who loves Mondays. For me they represent Flex renewal and a fresh start. Last night I left to go to Costco with this grand list of foods to get in bulk (mostly meat) and of course I show up and they're closed. "Oh yeah, it's Sunday. They close at 6pm." So I ended up at Publix and actually found some good sales on ground beef and fish. I got lean ground beef, ground turkey, lean pork loin, chicken breasts, a whole chicken, and some tilapia filets. I've found that if I have some lean meat in my freezer, I end up using it! haha I've wanted to trim my grocery budget down and switch to a cash budget and this week one of doing that. The goal is $400/month to feed a family of four. I usually spend $500. But I'm convinced most of that is junk and prepackaged foods. My method will be to spend $200 at the beginning of the month buying meat, beans, rice, and milk in bulk. Then spending $50/ week on produce and extras. We'll see how it goes. My goal is to reduce processed foods.

I'm going to my Heat class in 2 hours and I'm ready to burn off some of that junk.

I'll formulate a meal plan for this week and post my tracker later.


Jennifer Carr said...

Cool plan. I like it. I SO need to come up with a plan like that.
By the way, I'll be bringing you the Vita Brownie mix the next time I'm at church. I bought them, but gave up chocolate for Lent, so they're not doing me any good.
But tell me...are the muffins in the bread section or cereal section of Whole Foods? I'm going to look one more time.
I may check Amazon, too. Sometimes it helps to buy things in bulk off there.

Jen Gordon said...

They are in the muffin section. But I haven't seen them at all Whole Foods. They mold really quickly, so ordering them is risky. I keep them in my freezer.

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