Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Can Make You Thin

So last night Ed and I sat in bed and watched TV. It's a rare occasion that we're both going to sleep at the same time, so it's like our "date." :) We watched TLC's "I Can Make You Thin." I was surprisingly glued to the TV. The concept isn't new to me- I did The Weigh Down Diet by Gwen Shamblin a couple years ago and it's identical to that. But taking into account my recent snacky, overeating tendencies, I decided to pay attention and refresh myself on why it's important to eat intuitively. This guy has 4 rules...

1. When you're hunger~Go eat!

2. Eat what you want. Not what you think you should.

3. Eat consciously.

4. When you are full, stop eating!

Big fat "DUH!" Right? Wrong. This is such a good thin for me to see right now. Mainly because counting points has been a struggle for a couple weeks now and I need to touch on the real issue- which is overeating. Luckily my eating habits are such that I do crave healthy foods. I just eat them too much. I really don't crave french fries, pies, brownies, etc. The foods I crave are things like pizza, chips, coca cola, etc. And I do have those, often. And that's the beauty of Weight Watchers. I can have all those. But lately I've just felt overwhelmed with the planning. So I figure I'd try this new challenge and take a week to eat exclusively by my hunger cues. Ed's doing it too. It's too cute! There's something so cute about Ed being aware of what he eats. :)

Anyway, I'll still post my tracker. My friend Lindsey and I went to Flying Biscuit this morning for breakfast. You all know how passionately I feel about Flying Biscuit. Anyway, I'm just now getting hungry for lunch. Ficsher and I are going to run some errands. We might stop off and get a *gasp* burger! LOL

B: Coffee with sugar and cream
Ordered: Eggs Benedict w/ grits and a whole wheat biscuit.
Ate: 1 half of the eggs benedict, 1/2 bowl of grits, 3/4 the biscuit.
Stopped when I was full!

I'll update the remainder of my food today later. :)


Anonymous said...

Sister, you are an inspiration and I'd love to glean some knowledge from you as I can no shake my 5 pound hang up right now. ( could be because of the large quantity of pizza and cadbury eggs I just ate). Anyway - teach me Obi Wan...

Oh and I wanted to watch that show but couldn't because of my fast so you can tell me all about it!!!

Jenny said...

Mates of State, one of my favorite bands who I think you might like, has a line: "I just want to feel the taste of the meal, and not the routine of dining here." I think you wrote before that part of eating consciously is taking your time to eat and actually taste your food. Anyway, thought I'd share the line. I'm all for tasting and enjoying what I put in my pie hole.

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