Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Endorphines are our friends!

I'm writing to you in the middle of a major endorphine high. I took my old route from last summer, running from my house to our local coffee shop and back. Exactly 3 miles. I've had a pesky cold for the last 3 days and I just about hacked up a lung running, but I think it helped me because it cleared my chest. And now I feel gooooooood......... And I earned 3 APs!

Today was my day of "get shit done!" The kids were off to school at 9:30am. I had to take a Britax carseat I got inadvertently to the UPS store and ship it back to the store that messed my order up. Then I had to drive across town to Jared's Jewelry to get my engagement ring fixed. One prong was crooked and I just knew it would result in the diamond coming out if I did not do something about it. I haven't been wearing it for a couple months because I didn't want to the lose the diamond. But today was the day and I needed to get all these things taken care of and stop procrastinating! And I did! WIthout too much trouble.

Here's my tracker:

B: WW muffin: 3 pts

S: Grande Mocha: 4 pts

L: Chick-fil-A chicken tender salad with Light Italian dressing: 9 pts

S: Tall Mocha (I know-at least it was decaf): 3 pts

AP: +3 pts!

D: Baked Tilapia, steamed broccoli: 3 pts

S: Apple: 1 pts

Total: 20 pts used, 1 Flexie used

I need to make it a class tomorrow. I have a play group at 10am. I might go to the 9:30 step class and just be late to play group. I'm liking this new routine of working out during the morning hours. Makes my afternoon and evenings seem less hectic.

Gotta run!

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