Saturday, March 01, 2008

138lbs! (Morning scale reading)

Good deal! Amelia was sick today (fever and cough) so I had to stay home with her and not go to Fischer's first soccer game. :( But Ed said he had a blast. Then I switched kids with Ed and took Fischer to his friend's bday party at Kangazoom. Needless to say my little man is tuckered out. Me too.

I haven't had much of an appetite today. I had a muffin, a coffee and a turkey sandwich. I just have an anxious feeling in me that seems to be ruling me lately. It affects my appetite. But the day is still young, so we'll see.....LOL It doesn't take much for me the snap out of it and start eating.

I may go running later, may not. Just depends on the family. Amelia seems fine now, but she may hit a wall later and I can't leave Ed with a tired boy and a sick girl and go run. Though I desperately need the endorphines!

We'll see.

I'll update with my full tracker later...

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