Monday, March 24, 2008

I had a dream last night that I was in the army and it was Spring time but it was snowing. Me and a bunch of other women were running up a hill, doing drills where we sprint up a hill and jog down over and over again. My chest was burning and I could barely breath.

Wait....that wasn't a dream. That was my Heat class this morning! I'm still weezing... That was by far the hardest Heat class I've been too! Oh my God I thought I was going to die. Phew! I pushed myself though because I needed to counteract some Cadburry Egg eaten that I did this weekend.

Well, once again, I try something new and realize that it's not for me. I really focused on eating consciously this weekend and I think I overeat even when I try to think about it. :( It's frustrating. But, it's okay. Because I can have whatever I want on WW's, I just have to plan it. I sat down last night and made a meal plan for this week. I'm doing Core this week. I've got to get my cravings under control and if I keep allowing myself processed foods, I'll only keep craving them. My plan is to follow Core and spend my Flex on what I want!

After my heat class I drove to the farmer's market near the kid's school. When you go to the farmer's market it's like the Bermuda Triangle. You truly lose track of time and space. It's sort of a cross between roaming the streets of NYC and a jungle all at the same time. I had this list with all this stuff categorized to make the trip easy and quick. Before I knew it I needed to leave and I hadn't got any of the meats I needed. And the meat area had lines of people so I knew it wasn't going to happen. Luckily I got all the fresh produce and dairy. So I left. Picked up the kids. Got home and unloaded it all. Got the kids down for a nap and I took a bath.

For dinner, of course, we skip all the food I just bought and went out to eat! Our fav place Salsa with our fav friends! I had chips, salsa and cheese dip and then a Sante Fe Flyer. I though it was just a chicken breast with cheddar, avacado and cheese on it. I got it and turns out it was a sandwich. I ate half of it. It was massive!

So here's my tracker for today:

B: 2 hardboiled eggs, 1 cup strawberries (Core)

S: Mocha: (Core +1 pt)

L: Carrots with Hummus (Core)

AP: Heat: +4 pts

S: Hot chocolate (Courtesy of my neighbor Jen- 3 pts)

D. Sante Fe Flyer: 7 pts
Chips/salsa/cheese dip: 9 pts
***AND WINE!!!!! 4 pts***

Used 20 Flex!!


Corrie said...

Don't forget to count that glass of wine-sista. That sandwich was huge- I'm impressed that you didn't eat the whole thing- I would have. Next time dinner at our house- we'll save on money and points. Loves to you my friend.

Jen Gordon said...

Added it!

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