For those of you that have followed my journey over the last few years, you know that I have come to love being active. It was not anything I thought I'd ever do when I first got rid of all my weight. In fact, I lost all my weight with out one single run or walk.  It wasn't until I hit maintenance when I realized I needed to get active. I signed up for a 5k randomly and became a runner. 

Running my first race back in 2006.  Long baggy shirt was the dead give away. 

And that was the coldest race I ran.  I hated every second of it.

After that I became hooked on boot camp and weight training. I loved challenging myself and really enjoyed interval training.  

Then I got knocked up: 

But I kept at it!  By the end all I could do was step class (poor step).  
And walked on my tread mill.

But I did not get through the pregnancy unscathed:

When I gave birth to my third baby I had a very easy, gentle waterbirth that lasted all of 2 hours.  And although that may not seem fitness related- it was like running a marathon to me!  Using my natural resources, facing the challenge of an unmedicated childbirth and coming through it was so powerful.  I know that the previous years of fitness really helped me have that empowering birth. It was a high like no other!

Currently I'm leading a free women's bootcamp in my neighborhood, running, riding my bike, doing yoga, power walking, strength training, and chasing after my three kids.  I change it up.  The minute I get bored, I become an expert on some new form of exercise.  It's just what works best for me.  

Here's my bootcampers on a Girl's Night Out.  Who says you can't do wall sits and planks in heals?  Aren't they hot?

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