Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earning some APs....

Converting a toddler bed back into a crib can earn you some serious APs. And possibly some curse worthy moments....

Here's my nursery....whatcha think?

My plan is to paint a giant, antique style star on the wall above the crib. In brown.

I used this bedding with Amelia. Thank God I didn't go pink or else I couldn't recycle it.

My dad and step mom bought this changing table-dresser combo for baby Shepherd and I love it!
So last evening my husband went and picked me up Pizza Hut and he surprised me with a slice of birthday cake from the grocery store. Thank God it was an individual slice and not a whole cake. Can you imagine?

And of course last night I stayed up until 11:45pm instead of going to be early. Why do I do this every night? Anyway, I'm feeling good now and the kids are watching cartoons. We're homebound today. My van is getting an oil change and Ed has meetings. So we're stuck! I hate not having the option of leaving. LOL It would be nice to make it to a class at the Y. Oh well. We have a friend coming to stay with us for a few days from out of town so I need to clean up anyway.

Here's my tracker plan:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Coffee: 1 pts

Apple: 1 pt
String cheese: 2 pts

Balogna Sandwich:4 pts
Chips: 1 pt

Luna bar: 4 pts

Dinner: ??????
Not sure yet. Something within the 10 pt range

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So tired....

Man, last week I was full of energy. This week I'm so exhausted. It's Tuesday, which means I'm usually pumped to go to Total Body. But I gotta tell ya...there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to do it today. I had a prenatal appt this morning that lasted 2 hours. The office was busy and Amelia was off the charts in 2 year old behavior. It wore me so completely out that I got home and just couldn't move. And of course she's in bed and refuses to sleep. So, she's locked in there for a while. LOL Sorry, I don't do cranky 2 year old with no naps. She'll have a quiet time whether she likes it or not.

So now I'm on my computer, feeling like a sloth. Can you earn APs getting stressed and feeling pooped?

I'm drinking water like crazy. I've been really thirsty all day. I can tell though that it's going to be one of those shitty OP days. I already had Chick-fil-A for lunch (sandwich and fries) and now I'm craving Pizza Hut for dinner. Oh well. I got some flex, guess I'll just use them up today. I certainly don't have the energy to cook.

Aren't I so inspiring? Just a gem of a Weight Watcher huh? :) The good news is everyone has days like this. This is my day. I just won't let tomorrow be "that day" too.

Okay.....maybe I can convinced Ed to pick up some birthday cake too..

Monday, July 28, 2008

I've got a serious craving

Typical birthday cake. Chocolate cake with white icing. It's 7:30pm and I've still got my bathing suite on from the pool with a cover up dress and I'm actually contemplating driving to the grocery store to get some.

God help me.....

Friday, July 25, 2008


Was out late last night at a friend's birth. A chunky monkey weighing in at 9 lbs 13 oz! Beautiful waterbirth, no tear! Hooray for the benefits of birthing in water! Anyhoo, Ed let me sleep in until 9:30 so I was not totally sleep deprived.

The kids and I went grocery shopping- one task I've been avoiding for a week now out of shear laziness and boredom. Boredom with food that is. I'm so sick of thinking about what to eat. If I were a rich woman I would hire a 24/7 chef over a 24/7 maid ANYDAY. Anyway, I picked up some staples and some lean meats. My poor rugrats finally have something to snack on beside popcorn and apples. lol

Today I plan to take it easy on the fitness front. With Step class, painting a room and a birth last night- I'm pooped! I might take Penny for a walk with my friend after the kids are in bed tonight. Walking sounds pleasant. Seems like every night this week I've been solo doing bedtime. Ed has been slammed at work and then meetings in the evening all week. I don't know what it is about bedtime, but it completely drains me. I'm hoping I can just get out and walk the dog tonight and NOT deal with bedtime. (Can I Ed? Can I?) Hee hee

I'm planning on making Dirty Rice tonight with ground turkey instead of ground beef. I'm using Zatarain's Low Sodium mix instead of the regular. I don't need any more bloating thank you very much! Then I picked up some pork chops for tomorrow night. I'm going to try this recipe.

Got on the scale this morning. 165lbs. I was pleased. Just about what I expected.

Here's my tracker:

Whole grain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese and little grape jelly on top: 5 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

Whole wheat sandwich with cheddar and lite beef bologna: 6 pts
Lite Lay chips: 1 pt
Sliced peach: 1 pt

Yogrut: 4 pts
Grapes: 1 pt

Dirty Rice: 6 pts
Broccoli: 0 pts

Possible APs:
Light walking: +1 pt

After dinner snack:
WW icecream: 2 pts

Total: 28 pts

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Made it to a Step class this morning at the Y. I really, REALLY, did not want to go. In fact, on the way there I almost nixed the idea and just headed straight to Starbucks. But I just remembered my instructor saying that when she was pregnant she would force herself to come even when she didn't feel like it. Then she was always glad she went. So I just drove my car there and figured that would mean I'd have to get out eventually. lol

I'm glad I went. Good cardio. I think I'm finally catching on to all the moves in Step. I can hear the instructor say what moves are next and I can actually coordinate myself to do it. :) I'm guessing I earned 3 APs. I was soaked in sweat.

Now we're home and I've got to come up with a plan today. Yesterday felt like the longest day ever. I was so wiped and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch TV. I'm having a lazy week. Maybe it was all that manual labor I did last week. The kids are watching Barney (hurl) and I'm about to warm up some left over Veggie Lasagna for lunch. Then nap time. I'm hoping I can somehow convince Fischer to have a quiet time so I can get a nap in. I'm hitting that zone in pregnancy where a nap is becoming crucial. I keep trying to snap out of it, but I can't. I need sleep like I need water. I hate that feeling. I much more prefer feeling energetic and having a lone time instead of sleep time. Oh well.


Well, I decided to paint Fischer's room. ANd now one of my best friends called to say she's possibly in early labor. So looks like I'll have a busy day/night after all! LOL

Tonight I might try to make Dirty Rice for dinner. I think I have all the ingredients.

Here's my loose tracker for today (loosely planning dinner):

WW muffin: 3 pts
Banana: 2 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

Veggie Lasagna: 5 pts
Salad: 2 pts

Yogurt: 4 pts
Fruit: 1 pts

Dirty Rice: 7 pts???
green beans: 0 pts

WW icecream: 2 pts

Step: +3 pts

Total: 26 pts

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, like I mentioned yesterday, I went to Total Body. My old Heat instructor (haven't made it to a Heat class since I was 8 weeks along) was subbing. It was good to see her. She commented on how long it had been and how good I looked. (I'm sure she thought I was 7 months or so-LOL) Anyway, when I saw her, I knew the class would be harder than normal. Oh my! It sure was! There was so much more intense cardio. I had to take breaks, which I usually don't do. It was essentially a Heat class. When I left the class I felt like I was huffing and puffing for another hour. Phew! I think baby liked it though. Last night after my bath he was moving more than I ever felt him. Just spring boarding from side to side. All that oxygenated blood to the placenta I suppose.

I tell you what: after Shepherd decides to come out, mommy is going to go to Heat classes at least 3 days a week. That'll get me back in my 4's rather quickly! Hell, after one of those classes, you don't have energy to even over eat!

Today's agenda is a lighter one. We're headed to the library and then an errand. I may get in a walk with Penny later. But I'm not holding myself to it.

Here's my rough tracker plan:

*updated tracker*

WW's muffin: 3 pts
Banana: 2 pts

Mocha: 4 pts

Morning Star Spicy Black Bean patty on a lite english muffin with monteray jack cheese, leftover roasted peppers and a smear of guacamoli. =5 pts
Fresh pineapple: 1 pts

Yoplait Whips- Chocolate Mouse: 4 pts
A few almonds: 1pt

Veggie Lasagna: 5 pts
Salad: 2 pts

Total: 27 pts (room for extras)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Morning..or Afternoon

For once I didn't get up and head out the door. Last night Fischer and I spent some one on one time together and he ended up sleeping in my bed with me all night. Poor Ed was banished to the couch. This morning he woke up and looked at me for a second and then said: "Oh!" lol

Slow morning of coffee, oatmeal, bagels, Playhouse Disney and CNN. Kids played in the backyard while I sat on the couch in the den and drank an entire cup of coffee without interruption. Luckily our deck is right off our den- so I can watch them without having to be in the heat.

After a while I got productive and decided to make use of the veggies in my frig that needed to be used this week for meals. I decided to make a Veggie Lasagna. I had whole wheat lasagna noodles, part skim ricotta and sauce. I ended up sauteing some red onion, garlice, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced carrots and asparagus finely chopped. I layered it all up and stuck it in the frig for a meal this week. Tonight we are making Fajitas. We're marinated some flank steak in oil/vinegar, cilantro, onion, garlic, salt and pepper and lime juice. Then grilling it! We're going to put everything else on the grill too: sliced red pepper, red onion and tortillas. We should have some steak left for some other meals the rest of the week. For some reason I'm craving a salad with steak and a horseraddish dressing.

I'm a bottomless pit lately. I truly have hunger even just one hour after I ate. It's so weird. Yet, I also have annoying heartburn, which makes me not want to eat. Last night at 10pm I was starving. I had dinner at 7pm AND a ww's icecream cup too. Instead I just went to bed. Then today I woke up starving and had 1 and 1/2 bagels with reduced fat cream cheese. I felt like a piggie, but I was so hungry. Maybe I'm hitting a "growth spurt."

Anyhoo, here's my tracker. Planning on Total Body this afternoon. :)

1 and 1/2 bagels with RF cream cheese: 9 pts :(
Coffee: 1 pt

Left over Jumbalaya with turkey sausage: 4 pts
RF sour cream: 2 pts

WW muffin: 3 pts
grapes: 1 pts

Steak Fajitas (2): 10 pts

WW icecream: 2 pts

APs: Total Body: +4 pts

Total: 28 pts

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday was a nice, slow day. I woke up and decided to skip church like a good Christian. I threw a shower for a friend on Saturday and was so pooped that all I wanted to do was hang out Sunday. SO that's what I did! The kids and I woke up and I got a couple loads of laundry done. Drank some coffee, made some breakfast, and watch some CNN. For lunch we all wanted some BBQ and Amelia and drove to Sonny's (THEY HAVE A DRIVE THRU!). After appropriately stuffing myself with pulled pork, I decided to get in the kiddie pool with Fischer. Ha! It was hot and poor guy really wanted me to play with him outside. So I planted myself like a beached whale in this kiddie pool and he splashed me and we played games.

After Small Fry's nap, we headed to the river to walk and feed the ducks. After concocting many bread balls and throwing them to lure them in, we concluded that the ducks did not want to be fed. We were all perplexed. So we decided to go on the "wildlife" trail that juts off the main trail. It was fun. Fischer and Amelia both found their own walking stick and we "hiked" the trail. There were so many trees that it blocked out the sky and Fischer got a little scared. But then he found a tree to pee on and all fearless manhood was restored. After 3 miles we got back to our car. Phew!

You'd think after getting the kids to bed that I'd just tucker out and go to bed myself. No. I decided to finish painting the nursery! To be honest, it didn't take that long. There's bead board all around the room, so I was only doing the tops. OH it felt so good to get it done! I'll post pics soon!

And now it's Monday and I'm sitting in my baby's nursery with Amelia (she's properly diapering and putting her own baby doll night night over and over again). I'm on the glider and would prefer not to move the rest of the day. lol But that's not possible with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 turtles. So I guess I need to get moving.....

Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm sitting here in my bed with Amelia. I've got my laptop and she's got Little Einsteins going on the TV. Ed already made my day by bringing me a cup of coffee in bed.

I'm going to go to a Body Sculpt class this morning. I really want to get some cardio in beforehand, but I don't think I'll have time. I really feel like I've finally found my groove with exercise and pregnancy. I've found the right balance of modification and challenge. I'm focusing a lot on my arms and legs. I need those to be strong to support the rest of my pregnancy. Squatting down to pick up Amelia requires much more effort than before.

I had to cave and buy some maternity yoga capris for my workouts. My other ones are cutting me in the gut now and I was really uncomfortable. I have my new ones on now and they feel great! I was boxing up all my running shorts the other day to store for after baby and I was shocked how small they were. And you know the funny thing? I didn't feel bad about it. Instead, my first thought was: "Wow, I can't believe I'm going to be that small again!" That's right, I actually felt genuinely positive about my body after baby! LOL I truly cannot wait to run again. I miss the 6-8 milers where I got into my zone and took in the surroundings. Runny really is addictive once you push through the awkward beginning phase.

I got on the scale yesterday. 163 lbs. Initially the idea of already having gained 23 lbs is discouraging. But then I think about what I weighed when I got pregnant with Amelia: 165 lbs. So I'm still not even at that weight yet! That's encouraging. :)

Okay, off to start my day!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Had my ultrasound this morning!

Shepherd it is! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

20 weeks

It just keeps growing and growing...

I had a small victory last night with a food craving. I went to Target after the kids went to bed to pick up some stuff for a shower I'm throwing for a friend and when I got home I was craving something BAD. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it would not be good if I gave in. I wasn't hungry per say, just wanting *something.* I walked in the kitchen twice, opened the frig and cabinets twice and then just fled upstairs to just go to sleep. I won! I didn't cave! Small victory, but a big deal if repeated day in and day out ya know?

I'm still wiped out from yard work yesterday. But for some reason that didn't stop me from cleaning out my closet and my bathroom drawers this morning. I'm like a machine. Except I've got some loose parts and I tend to putter out mid way through task. So, I guess I'm not so much like a machine.

Anyhoo, my plan is to go to Total Body this afternoon. I'm looking forward to it. It felt good last week.

Here's my tracker so far:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Coffee w/ whipped cream: 2 pts

Homemade pizza: 12 pts
Caffeine free coke: 3 pts

Total Body: +4 pts

Spaghetti: 5 pts

That's the plan.

FYI- We have our big ultrasound this Thursday! This will be the first time we've even had an ultrasound and seen the baby. And hopefully we'll be able to tell if it's a boy or girl. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yard work day!

I never know my limits. Especially when I'm pregnant. I'm that neighbor you see that is pregnant and mowing her lawn and pulling weeds NOT because she has a deadbeat husband, but because I actually get a bug in me and really want to do it. So that's what I did today. Well, I didn't mow the lawn. Just cleaned out the big plant bed in the front of the house, pulled weeds, laid down newspaper, wet it and then mulched it. It was out of control and I've been wanting to do it for SO LONG. Needless to say my pregnant ass was tired. I gave myself 3 APs for that bad boy. Oh, and I even lifted a rock and was greeted by a snake! No harm done, but I put the rock back on it and decided I was done gardening today.

I managed to get in a good walk at my favorite 3 mile trail on Saturday morning. I took our pup Penny with me. Poor gal has had some pent up energy and needed to get worn out. Little did I know that 1.5 miles into the walk that dog decided she was done with a capital D and sat down on the trail and refused to move. How is it that a puppy cannot keep up with a pregnant lady? So I had to sit with her and let her rest for 5 mins until she was ready to go on. LOL

The weekend was full of random housework and random eating. Chili dogs, Cape Cod Jalepeno potato chips, bologna sandwiches (craving), steak, and Chick- fil-A milkshakes to name a few. I was okay, but not really in control by Sunday. And even though I made better choices (opted for fat free chili dog, and lite bologna) that doesn't cover for the portion control. Though I do not advocate having the "I'll start Monday" mentality, I do love it when Monday comes around. It's like I receive a dose of "You can do this." Part of being successful in weight loss is forgiving yourself and moving on. Progress, not perfection.

Here's my tracker for today:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Grande mocha: 4 pts

Egg and cheese sandwich on a roll: 8 pts
Chips: 4 pts

Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with skim: 3 pts
grapes: 1 pts

Willy's chicken salad: 7 pts

APs: 2 hours of straight yard work: +3 pts

Total: 27 pts

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pregnancy crap

I used to laugh at all the crap you could buy for yourself in the name of pregnancy. With the exception of maternity clothing I just didn't get all the other stuff: underwear, pillow, special bras, support belts, hose.

Well, now that I'm on my third pregnancy and feel like my body is a lot more pregnant than it is... I've caved. I just purchased a pregnancy pillow for nighttime and I'll be sporting one of these loving contraptions during the heat of the summer.> Should I buy a pink "prego-tard" to wear UNDER it?? :)

I love exercise and don't want to stop, but I'm shot by the end of the day after I get in a good work out. I'm hoping the support belt will help me during my work outs and (if I can stomach it) during the day. The idea of wearing one in this heat makes me sick, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. The pillow sounds fun. Just expensive.

I cleaned out the kid's room of old, broken toys. Then boxed up toys they never play with for my Good Will run. Then I decided to rearrange the room. Gee, I wonder why my back hurts? Needless to say, I feel no need to exercise. I got enough. I may walk Penny later, but that's it.

We're having some friends over tonight to grill hamburgers. Low key. I'm already looking forward to the wine. (One glass of course)


2 fried eggs: 4 pts
2 pc whole wheat toast: 1 pts
1 slice turkey bacon: 1 pt
Blueberries: 1 pt

Quesadilla on low carb tortilla with low fat mozzerella,left over grilled chicken, green onions, tomato and salsa: 4 pts
Chips: 3 pts
RF sour cream: 2 pts

Ff pudding: 2 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

TJ's chicken lime burger: 4 pts
Chips: 5 pts

Wine: 3 pts

Total: 33 pts

3 Flex used!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

step aerobics
Step aerobics always makes me think of the 80's when women wore the bright, florescent spandex and had their bright, florescent step in tow. But, there's a reason it's still a popular class. It works! I showed up to the 9:30 class this morning. I always feel apprehensive about Step class because of the lingo and all the moves. People that go seem to have been going forever and know it like the back of their hand. But, nonetheless, I went. My motto about exercise is "NO excuses!." I needed a class around that time and that was the only one. So Seniora Step I was! I have to say this was the first step class I didn't feel like I was going to trip and I kept up with the lingo and moves better. After a while it even became fun. I was drenched. DRENCHED! By the end. But felt good.

Afterwards the kids and I went to our Thursday play group at the park. Luckily the weather was nice and overcast. Not too hot. We got Chick-fil-A and played for 2 hours. I think the fact that I was soaked in sweat helped me not feel the heat. :)

Here's today's tracker:

Special K bar: 2 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Step class: +3 pts

Chick-n-Strips salad with ff honey mustard: 10 pts
Little bit of the kids fries: 3 pts

Chocolate covered almonds (just a few): 2 pts

Another snack:
Apple: 1 pts
Special K bar: 2 pts
Cup of decaf: 0 pts

Marinated, grilled chicken breasts: 4 pts
Left over cous cous: 3 pts
Sliced fresh tomatoes from the garden: 0 pts

WW Latte bar: 1 pts

Total: 28 pts (including APs)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Proof you can eat out and stay OP

Here's my tracker (both lunch and dinner are ordered out)

2 Kashi waffles with ICINB and SF syrup: 5 pts

Apple: 1 pt
Mocha: 3 pts

Garden salad w/ creamy italian: 3 pts
Slice of Veggie Deluxe pizza: 7 pts

FF pudding cup: 2 pt

Pad Thai: 12 pts (if I eat the entire thing, which is likely)

Total: 33 pts

3 Flex Used


No APs today-wretched pregnancy headaches AGAIN!

Working it

Made it to Total Body yesterday. Oh my it was crowded! I remember the good old days where there was a small group of 15 at most. The whole room was packed! There was this young girl there that arrived early and started chatting with me. She said she's been at LA Fitness for years and was going on and on about how hard the classes were there (in a braggity way). This was her first class at the Y and she was worried how challenging it would be. So, being the competitive person I am I took note of how "challenging" the class was for her. I totally schooled her in weights and reps! She kept looking up in disbelief that we were doing more reps. LOL Hey, I'm 5 months pregnant. I need something to feel physically dominant over.

So, as you might guess I pushed myself harder. Phew! It wiped me out. I skipped the ab work. I have been doing ab work up until now, but the idea of it just totally repulsed me. Time to let the abs just flow.....

I stuck to my food plan yesterday. I was so tired. Too tired to want to snack after dinner. :) Got the kids in bed and I was in my bed, lights out at 9pm! Man it felt good to wake up this morning having had a full night's rest.

I'm working on water consumption lately. While in Boone last week I bought a Klean Kanteen. . I got the 27 oz one. I had a SIGG bottle last summer, but dropped it once and it dented the bottom and then it wouldn't stand up. Klean Kateens are supposedly more durable, so I grabbed one. Well wouldn't you know yesterday on the way out the door I dropped the bottle and dented the bottom!!! It still stands up, but wobbles. Ugh. So yesterday I ordered another and two kids sippy kanteens. I also ordered the protective covering to avoid denting. I figured I'd use the dented one too, just not all the time.

All that said, I think drinking a lot of water helped me yesterday avoid the pantry. I didn't have that hungry feeling too often. And when I did, I reached for fruit. Small efforts.....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lots of posts today....

Here's my tracker. I exchanged walking on the treadmill to Total Body today at 4:30pm. :)


Kashi Heart to Heart with skim milk: 5 pts

Apple: 1 pt
Mocha: 3 pts

Publix sub with cheese, mustard, veggies and oil and vinegar: 8 pts
Baked Lays: 2 pts

1/2 banana: 1 pts

Lean ground beef stirfy with red pepper, green onions and chopped zucchini: 3
Whole wheat cous cous: 3 pts

Late night snack:
WW mint chocolate chip icecream: 2 pts

Total Body: +4 pts

Total: 24 pts (using my APs)

So I have 4 pts to spare on seconds for dinner or extra snack tonight.

WW's points for pregnancy

I've had some inquiries about how many points is needed for pregnancy. This is how I figured it out:

Here's the target range for normal weight LOSS:

Weight Points
000 – 149 = 20
150 – 174 = 22
175 – 199 = 24
200 – 224 = 26
225 – 249 = 28
250 – 274 = 30
275 – 299 = 31
300 – 324 = 32
325 – 349 = 33
350 – 999 = 34

I took my weight when I found out I was pregnant which was 140 and started with those points (20) Then added another 4 pts as though I were on maintenance. THEN added 6 pts (roughly 300 calories) which is what doctors recommend adding to your daily calories when pregnant. So 20+6+4 pts=30 pts per day. I eat all my flex and activity points too. And if I'm out of points and still hungry- I eat. :)

There you have it!


Well, I never made it to Body Sculpt yesterday. The kids ended up having a good time at our neighbors house playing in the pool (buck naked I should add) and by the time we left it was dinner time and I felt about 300 lbs, moving underwater. I suppose it was a bit of a stretch to try and get a good work out in the same day I drove back from North Carolina and had the kids alone that night. Didn't really consider that. :)

BUT, today I feel good and ready to get my heart rate up. We're in need of groceries so I'm going to do that first and then walk on the treadmill during Amelia's nap. For fun, I'll post my grocery list. I have plenty of chicken and meat in the freezer, so I just need accessories.

green onions

Laughing cow cheese
FF chocolate pudding

Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinagerette
Le Croix

Monday, July 07, 2008

In lieu of healthy eating.....

Here's some pics of my garden....

Daughters make good waterers

Squash blossoms

Beginnings of a bell pepper


4th of July in the mountains...

What is it about getting away that makes you so focused on food that its all you can think about? LOL Went to the mountains again with my family and had a great time. I was only able to walk on my favorite trail there once due to afternoon rain showers some of the days. I did eat a lot of grilled food, which is good and on the 4th I limited myself to one plate of small portions of everything. Unfortunately S'Mores ended up being my down fall. I had THREE that night. For some reason it really hit the spot. Then after the first night I really started to unravel and it was like food was my main focus. And I should probably add that my family is VERY food focused. Food is the entertainment and activity of gatherings. There is food offered and set out before and after meals. There are late night snacks offered, deserts made and tempting snacks EVERYWHERE. So looking back I should have prepared myself better for the long weekend with loving family, but food traps left and right.

After a few days of feeling like a stuffed turkey and seeing no end in site of shoving my pie hole full of food, I went into my room and just took a few deep breathes. I asked myself if I had said "no" to any food. No, I hadn't. I had not exercised any discipline. And when that muscle gets weak, it's not good. So I took in a cleansing breathe and told myself to exercise that self discipline and it would get easier. It worked! Instead of eating when I wasn't hungry, I drank water or had a coffee. Instead of that extra S'more, I had a bowl of deliciously fresh cherries. I waited to eat until I was hungry. I stopped when I was full. It was a good thing. Oh, AND I got two puzzles done while I was there. God I love puzzles....

So now I'm back in the city! We went to bed late last night and rose early this morning to begin our drive home. Luckily I got in a solid nap in the car during Ed's driving shift. And right when we switched and it was my turn to drive, a big sign with a Starbucks logo popped up. It was like manna from heaven! We got our Starbucks and zipped home. I resisted the temptation to get lunch through a driv thru somewhere and waited until I got home to make something more healthy and point friendly. Again, small efforts to make my discipline muscle stronger. So glad I did!

I checked out my YMCA schedule and I see a 5:30 Body Sculpt class I want to go to. I might get there early and try to do 20 mins on the elliptical beforehand. Ed's working late since we drove home this morning and I need something to do with the kids. This will be a nice way to waste time and fill in the whole of that lull between dinner and bedtime AND allow me to exercise!

Here's my tracker. Thank God my points renew today and I get to start fresh.

sausage biscuit: 9 pts
small hashbrowns: 5 pts

Tall mocha: 3 pts
1 small reece's cup: 2 pts

Whole wheat broccoli and turkey Hot Pocket: 6 pts
Salad with cucumbers and lite Ceasar: 2 pts
La Croix: 0 pts

Loaded Baked Potato: 5 pt
Steamed Broccoli: 0pts

Total: 32 pts

Hoping to earn roughly 3 APs, which will bring my daily points down to 29 pt (right on track)!

Planning on cleaning out my frig of all the gazillion old condiments and dressing bottles and wiping the whole thing down! Getting my frig organized always helps me stay OP. So that's my small task today to get back on track. :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

160 lbs

Well folks, my body has officially denied my request for a perfect 25 lbs gain. Despite staying OP and exercising, I'm still gaining. So this leads me to one conclusion..... I think my body knows what it's doing. I think it knows that I just need to gain more than what *I* think is "perfect." Granted, I've given into some cravings and indulged a bit, but I did that on maintenance before I got pregnant and maintained easily. I've changed my ideal weight gain to 40 lbs. I figure that's appropriate and my midwife agrees. Now it's just a matter of embracing it mentally for me. I have these thoughts running through my head..

Here we go again....

You're gaining too much...

Will you lose it after you give birth?

And the fact of the matter is that I've made changes in my lifestyle that enable me to get back down to my 140 lb goal. I have to believe in myself. But it's hard when you're starting to feel the weight and see changes. One thing is for sure. I'm gaining differently that with the other pregnancies. My legs are remaining toned and slender for the most part. My arms are toned and thin. My butt and gut are taking the brunt of the blows. Which is normal I guess. I just keep telling myself: "Your body stores fat during pregnancy so that you can nurse it off after birth." And this is very true for me. I tend to lose A LOT right after birth. I think I came home from the hospital having lost 30 lbs with the other two. I tend to have a lot of amniotic fluid too. With both my pregnancies my caregiver told me that. And I swell like crazy the last few months. So I do think water weight plays a role.

Okay....talked myself down.

Here's my tracker for today:

Lowfat yogurt: 2 pts
High Protein Granola: 2 pts
Cut up peaches and blueberries: 1 pts
Hardboiled egg: 2 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

Whole wheat cous cous topped with ground beef stirfry with homegrown zucchini, onions, mushrooms, garlic and diced tomatoes. Very delish: 6 pts
Ceasar salad with croutons and lite dressing: 4 pts

Bowl of Strawberries: 1 pts

Leftovers since we're leaving town tomorrow. More cous cous with corn on the cobb and some more salad: roughly 7 pts

WW Latte icecream bar: 1 pt

Planning to earn around 3 APs this afternoon be it at a class or a long walk.

Total:29 pts
APs: -3

26 pts!

I need to avoid using the rest of my Flex and save it for this weekend.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blasted pregnancy headaches...

Today I woke up with a dull headache behind my eyes. As the day progressed it got worse and then after a long nap (which I thought would help) it got worse. So there goes my Total Body class that I was ready to go to. I can't imagine working out like this. And the worst is that the headaches seemed to be unaffected by tylenol. Drives me mad!

Anyway, here's my tracker. Sort of a weird day. We're going out to eat with Ed's parents tonight. I'm going for a fish and veggies or a salad.

Lite english muffin with ICBINB and jelly: 2 pts
Hardboiled egg: 2 pts

Grande mocha: 4 pts

Chips/cheese dip: 9 pts
Salsa: 0 pts

Monkey Munch (OY): 5 pts
Skim milk: 2 pts

Fish and veggies: 7 pts (or around there)

No APs :(

Total: 35 pts
Used 5 flex

22 Flex left for the week....
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