Monday, July 14, 2008

Yard work day!

I never know my limits. Especially when I'm pregnant. I'm that neighbor you see that is pregnant and mowing her lawn and pulling weeds NOT because she has a deadbeat husband, but because I actually get a bug in me and really want to do it. So that's what I did today. Well, I didn't mow the lawn. Just cleaned out the big plant bed in the front of the house, pulled weeds, laid down newspaper, wet it and then mulched it. It was out of control and I've been wanting to do it for SO LONG. Needless to say my pregnant ass was tired. I gave myself 3 APs for that bad boy. Oh, and I even lifted a rock and was greeted by a snake! No harm done, but I put the rock back on it and decided I was done gardening today.

I managed to get in a good walk at my favorite 3 mile trail on Saturday morning. I took our pup Penny with me. Poor gal has had some pent up energy and needed to get worn out. Little did I know that 1.5 miles into the walk that dog decided she was done with a capital D and sat down on the trail and refused to move. How is it that a puppy cannot keep up with a pregnant lady? So I had to sit with her and let her rest for 5 mins until she was ready to go on. LOL

The weekend was full of random housework and random eating. Chili dogs, Cape Cod Jalepeno potato chips, bologna sandwiches (craving), steak, and Chick- fil-A milkshakes to name a few. I was okay, but not really in control by Sunday. And even though I made better choices (opted for fat free chili dog, and lite bologna) that doesn't cover for the portion control. Though I do not advocate having the "I'll start Monday" mentality, I do love it when Monday comes around. It's like I receive a dose of "You can do this." Part of being successful in weight loss is forgiving yourself and moving on. Progress, not perfection.

Here's my tracker for today:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Grande mocha: 4 pts

Egg and cheese sandwich on a roll: 8 pts
Chips: 4 pts

Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with skim: 3 pts
grapes: 1 pts

Willy's chicken salad: 7 pts

APs: 2 hours of straight yard work: +3 pts

Total: 27 pts


Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

Ugh. I wish I could do yard the time I'm done working I'll be in the third trimester SLUMP and want to do nothing but wallow in the hugeness of my belly ;) Your yard looks AMAZING BTW!

Jacoline said...

I'm also the kind of pregnant lady who "wants to do all the "heavy" stuff herself". I just can't get myself to asking someone else to carry all the groceries/laundry basket/trash sacks for me. And still doing most of the yard- and householdwork myself... Sometimes (daily) I just get exhausted from myself en this attitude... Sigh...

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