Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July in the mountains...

What is it about getting away that makes you so focused on food that its all you can think about? LOL Went to the mountains again with my family and had a great time. I was only able to walk on my favorite trail there once due to afternoon rain showers some of the days. I did eat a lot of grilled food, which is good and on the 4th I limited myself to one plate of small portions of everything. Unfortunately S'Mores ended up being my down fall. I had THREE that night. For some reason it really hit the spot. Then after the first night I really started to unravel and it was like food was my main focus. And I should probably add that my family is VERY food focused. Food is the entertainment and activity of gatherings. There is food offered and set out before and after meals. There are late night snacks offered, deserts made and tempting snacks EVERYWHERE. So looking back I should have prepared myself better for the long weekend with loving family, but food traps left and right.

After a few days of feeling like a stuffed turkey and seeing no end in site of shoving my pie hole full of food, I went into my room and just took a few deep breathes. I asked myself if I had said "no" to any food. No, I hadn't. I had not exercised any discipline. And when that muscle gets weak, it's not good. So I took in a cleansing breathe and told myself to exercise that self discipline and it would get easier. It worked! Instead of eating when I wasn't hungry, I drank water or had a coffee. Instead of that extra S'more, I had a bowl of deliciously fresh cherries. I waited to eat until I was hungry. I stopped when I was full. It was a good thing. Oh, AND I got two puzzles done while I was there. God I love puzzles....

So now I'm back in the city! We went to bed late last night and rose early this morning to begin our drive home. Luckily I got in a solid nap in the car during Ed's driving shift. And right when we switched and it was my turn to drive, a big sign with a Starbucks logo popped up. It was like manna from heaven! We got our Starbucks and zipped home. I resisted the temptation to get lunch through a driv thru somewhere and waited until I got home to make something more healthy and point friendly. Again, small efforts to make my discipline muscle stronger. So glad I did!

I checked out my YMCA schedule and I see a 5:30 Body Sculpt class I want to go to. I might get there early and try to do 20 mins on the elliptical beforehand. Ed's working late since we drove home this morning and I need something to do with the kids. This will be a nice way to waste time and fill in the whole of that lull between dinner and bedtime AND allow me to exercise!

Here's my tracker. Thank God my points renew today and I get to start fresh.

sausage biscuit: 9 pts
small hashbrowns: 5 pts

Tall mocha: 3 pts
1 small reece's cup: 2 pts

Whole wheat broccoli and turkey Hot Pocket: 6 pts
Salad with cucumbers and lite Ceasar: 2 pts
La Croix: 0 pts

Loaded Baked Potato: 5 pt
Steamed Broccoli: 0pts

Total: 32 pts

Hoping to earn roughly 3 APs, which will bring my daily points down to 29 pt (right on track)!

Planning on cleaning out my frig of all the gazillion old condiments and dressing bottles and wiping the whole thing down! Getting my frig organized always helps me stay OP. So that's my small task today to get back on track. :)

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