Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Working it

Made it to Total Body yesterday. Oh my it was crowded! I remember the good old days where there was a small group of 15 at most. The whole room was packed! There was this young girl there that arrived early and started chatting with me. She said she's been at LA Fitness for years and was going on and on about how hard the classes were there (in a braggity way). This was her first class at the Y and she was worried how challenging it would be. So, being the competitive person I am I took note of how "challenging" the class was for her. I totally schooled her in weights and reps! She kept looking up in disbelief that we were doing more reps. LOL Hey, I'm 5 months pregnant. I need something to feel physically dominant over.

So, as you might guess I pushed myself harder. Phew! It wiped me out. I skipped the ab work. I have been doing ab work up until now, but the idea of it just totally repulsed me. Time to let the abs just flow.....

I stuck to my food plan yesterday. I was so tired. Too tired to want to snack after dinner. :) Got the kids in bed and I was in my bed, lights out at 9pm! Man it felt good to wake up this morning having had a full night's rest.

I'm working on water consumption lately. While in Boone last week I bought a Klean Kanteen. . I got the 27 oz one. I had a SIGG bottle last summer, but dropped it once and it dented the bottom and then it wouldn't stand up. Klean Kateens are supposedly more durable, so I grabbed one. Well wouldn't you know yesterday on the way out the door I dropped the bottle and dented the bottom!!! It still stands up, but wobbles. Ugh. So yesterday I ordered another and two kids sippy kanteens. I also ordered the protective covering to avoid denting. I figured I'd use the dented one too, just not all the time.

All that said, I think drinking a lot of water helped me yesterday avoid the pantry. I didn't have that hungry feeling too often. And when I did, I reached for fruit. Small efforts.....

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