Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Proof you can eat out and stay OP

Here's my tracker (both lunch and dinner are ordered out)

2 Kashi waffles with ICINB and SF syrup: 5 pts

Apple: 1 pt
Mocha: 3 pts

Garden salad w/ creamy italian: 3 pts
Slice of Veggie Deluxe pizza: 7 pts

FF pudding cup: 2 pt

Pad Thai: 12 pts (if I eat the entire thing, which is likely)

Total: 33 pts

3 Flex Used


No APs today-wretched pregnancy headaches AGAIN!

1 comment:

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

I too am getting the wretched pregnancy migraines. At first I thought it was water intake and it's not b/c I upped the intake and the headaches prevail. If you have any secrets on how to get rid of them or keep them away or what in the hell causes would be AWESOME.


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