Friday, July 25, 2008


Was out late last night at a friend's birth. A chunky monkey weighing in at 9 lbs 13 oz! Beautiful waterbirth, no tear! Hooray for the benefits of birthing in water! Anyhoo, Ed let me sleep in until 9:30 so I was not totally sleep deprived.

The kids and I went grocery shopping- one task I've been avoiding for a week now out of shear laziness and boredom. Boredom with food that is. I'm so sick of thinking about what to eat. If I were a rich woman I would hire a 24/7 chef over a 24/7 maid ANYDAY. Anyway, I picked up some staples and some lean meats. My poor rugrats finally have something to snack on beside popcorn and apples. lol

Today I plan to take it easy on the fitness front. With Step class, painting a room and a birth last night- I'm pooped! I might take Penny for a walk with my friend after the kids are in bed tonight. Walking sounds pleasant. Seems like every night this week I've been solo doing bedtime. Ed has been slammed at work and then meetings in the evening all week. I don't know what it is about bedtime, but it completely drains me. I'm hoping I can just get out and walk the dog tonight and NOT deal with bedtime. (Can I Ed? Can I?) Hee hee

I'm planning on making Dirty Rice tonight with ground turkey instead of ground beef. I'm using Zatarain's Low Sodium mix instead of the regular. I don't need any more bloating thank you very much! Then I picked up some pork chops for tomorrow night. I'm going to try this recipe.

Got on the scale this morning. 165lbs. I was pleased. Just about what I expected.

Here's my tracker:

Whole grain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese and little grape jelly on top: 5 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

Whole wheat sandwich with cheddar and lite beef bologna: 6 pts
Lite Lay chips: 1 pt
Sliced peach: 1 pt

Yogrut: 4 pts
Grapes: 1 pt

Dirty Rice: 6 pts
Broccoli: 0 pts

Possible APs:
Light walking: +1 pt

After dinner snack:
WW icecream: 2 pts

Total: 28 pts

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