Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday was a nice, slow day. I woke up and decided to skip church like a good Christian. I threw a shower for a friend on Saturday and was so pooped that all I wanted to do was hang out Sunday. SO that's what I did! The kids and I woke up and I got a couple loads of laundry done. Drank some coffee, made some breakfast, and watch some CNN. For lunch we all wanted some BBQ and Amelia and drove to Sonny's (THEY HAVE A DRIVE THRU!). After appropriately stuffing myself with pulled pork, I decided to get in the kiddie pool with Fischer. Ha! It was hot and poor guy really wanted me to play with him outside. So I planted myself like a beached whale in this kiddie pool and he splashed me and we played games.

After Small Fry's nap, we headed to the river to walk and feed the ducks. After concocting many bread balls and throwing them to lure them in, we concluded that the ducks did not want to be fed. We were all perplexed. So we decided to go on the "wildlife" trail that juts off the main trail. It was fun. Fischer and Amelia both found their own walking stick and we "hiked" the trail. There were so many trees that it blocked out the sky and Fischer got a little scared. But then he found a tree to pee on and all fearless manhood was restored. After 3 miles we got back to our car. Phew!

You'd think after getting the kids to bed that I'd just tucker out and go to bed myself. No. I decided to finish painting the nursery! To be honest, it didn't take that long. There's bead board all around the room, so I was only doing the tops. OH it felt so good to get it done! I'll post pics soon!

And now it's Monday and I'm sitting in my baby's nursery with Amelia (she's properly diapering and putting her own baby doll night night over and over again). I'm on the glider and would prefer not to move the rest of the day. lol But that's not possible with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 turtles. So I guess I need to get moving.....

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