Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So last evening my husband went and picked me up Pizza Hut and he surprised me with a slice of birthday cake from the grocery store. Thank God it was an individual slice and not a whole cake. Can you imagine?

And of course last night I stayed up until 11:45pm instead of going to be early. Why do I do this every night? Anyway, I'm feeling good now and the kids are watching cartoons. We're homebound today. My van is getting an oil change and Ed has meetings. So we're stuck! I hate not having the option of leaving. LOL It would be nice to make it to a class at the Y. Oh well. We have a friend coming to stay with us for a few days from out of town so I need to clean up anyway.

Here's my tracker plan:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Coffee: 1 pts

Apple: 1 pt
String cheese: 2 pts

Balogna Sandwich:4 pts
Chips: 1 pt

Luna bar: 4 pts

Dinner: ??????
Not sure yet. Something within the 10 pt range

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