Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I made LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally after piddling for months I got my focus back and accomplished Lifetime status at WWs. Now I just have to maintain my weight (not to exceed 2 lbs of goal) and I don't have to pay to go to meetings anymore! Thank God because I have a feeling I'll be the dorky Lifetimer that actually goes every week. LOL I need meetings like the desert needs the rain. Remember that song?
Man, I'm punchy.

On the down side, I decided to opt out of the Thanksgiving Day Marathon. :( I decided the training schedule was just too much for me in my stage of life with small kids, my doula work and of course my time with hubby. The schedule only gets more intense and I feel painted in a corner with my time. So, Ed and I both decided I wouln't be a total loser if I "postponed" my marathon. I'm still running the half marathon in October, so I'm not totally slacking. :) Good news is that I'm addicted to running, so even though I'll be running less distance, I'll still be running 4-5 days a week.

Okay, my mom is in town and we've got lots to do today!

I'll stay OP, I promise!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weight Watchers=Creativity&Planning

So, I've been thinking a lot about what made me stay OP for most of the last 15 months. What helped me get so focused to lose 42 lbs (not including the 41 lbs I lost immediately postpartum). OMG- did I really shed 83 lbs total???!!! I mean, granted, some of that was baby- but still!!!! Wow. Ok, got off on a tangent..... :) Anyway, I've learned that creativity plays a huge role in my weight loss.

The Flex Plan frees me up to really play around with points and make it work. For example, tonight I had chicken, roasted potatoes and stirfied veggies for dinner. I ate small portions and by 9pm I was hungry. Well, I was out of points. Hey- that's what flexies are for! So, I decided I wanted another "mini" dinner. I made a 1/2 pizza quesadilla (1 low carb tortilla, tomato paste, pizza seasonings, 1 oz mozzerella cheese and fresh spinach) and then had a cocoa via bar for dessert. All only 5 pts. This is where I believe WW's always lets you indulge if you need to. Flexies are truly amazing!

Now, I have 5 Flex left until Monday. Here's where the creativity comes in. Because I know I'm low on flexies, I'll need to pace myself with points. I really, really want to make Lifetime on Monday- so I have no choice but to stay OP. I have 2 options. 1: I eat very low points "mini" meals all day so that I don't feel deprived. And 2: earn some serious APs! I looked at everything as a challenge I'd have victory over when I started WW's over a year ago. I can do the same today.

Here's my tracker:

VitaMuffin: 1 pt (LOVE THESE!)
Mocha: 3 pts

Turkey Sandwich with lite mayo, no cheese: 3 pts
Honey Mustard pretzel thins: 2 pts

ANOTHER VitaMuffin: 1 pts
100 cal Coke: 2 pts

2 oz chicken breast: 2 pts
Roasted potatos: 5 pts
Stirfried Veggies: 0 pts
Micelob Ultra: 2 pts

1/2 pizza quesadilla: 3 pts
Cocoa Via bar: 2 pts

Total: 26 pts
Flex used: 6 pts
No APs today

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I went to a Body Scultping class at the YMCA and then felt sorta "eh" about it, so my friend and I decided to stay for the Step class. Um, wow. Kicked my butt! Like, way harder than running 10 miles! I'm sure I earned 5 APs at least. :) My forearms are aching just typing this. I'm going to be sore tomorrow......

Anyway, day was good. I was on carpool duty for preschool today. Then, after class the boys had "creative movement" time. Bascially is mini steps towards soccer. It was really cute. :) After that we rushed home, got changed for my sculpting class. After my workout I was VERY happy to order Thai take out. I have 1 cup of Pad Thai and 1 cheese roll. YUM! Now I'm barely awake (it's only 9:30pm) and I'm eager to crawl into bed.

Amelia and I did venture out to Whole Foods after dropping the boys off at school. I finally found the infamous "Vita Muffins." I got the chocolate ones that reminded me of the WW muffins I always eat. OMG they were so good! And the best news is that they are only 1 point! That's a hot find if you ask me.

Oh, and I got on the scale after my shower from class and I was down to 142.6! That's good, huh?

Here's my tracker:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Chicken Salad from a fabulous place near us call Pangea (http://www.globalgrubbin.com/menu/menu.asp) . I got the Chicken Tandoori Salad. I'm guestimating it to be roughly 6 pts

Vitamuffin: 1 pt
Handful of crackers: 1 pt

1 cup Pad Thai: 7 pts
1 cheese roll: 4 pts
1 glass of wine: 3 pts

Total: 28 pts
APs earned: 4 pts
Flex Used: 2 pts

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some pics from my friend's bachelorette party from last weekend. I haven't posted a pic in a while, so I thought I'd share. :)

Made it to weigh in on Monday. 144.4 lbs. Not too bad for being off plan 5 weeks! Good news is that I have a fabulous leader who let me work it so that the past 5 weeks were maintainance. And if I come in at 142 lbs at weigh in next week- I'll be a Lifetimer! Wooohooo! I wasn't as far off base as I thought, which really helps me get back to business.

I stayed completely OP yesterday. :)

Here's my tracker so far today:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Tall, nf, no whip mocha: 3 pts

1 low carb tortilla with black bean dip, 1oz mozzerella and salsa: 3 pts
blue corn chips: 3 pts
homemade quacamoli made with a Florida avacado (liter) 2 pts

Pizza Quesadillas: 4 pts
Salad: 0 pts
Dressing: 2 pts

Total: 20 pts

Run 3 miles=3 APs earned

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I come to you with my tail tucked under my legs, sulking. I've been bad. Not too awful, but definitely haven't even tracked points in weeks. Scale shows. I was 145lbs this morning. Wha???!!!! Good news is that I'm still marathon training, so I'm burning lots of calories. I'm going back to meetings. I haven't been in months due to crazy busy life lately. But life will always be crazy, so that excuse really doesn't hold up now does it?

I'm going back to my Monday evening meeting. That was the meeting I loved the most. The leader was awesome and I left the kids at home to fully focus on everything. So, that's what I need to do. :)

I'm going to post my tracker today just to give you an idea of how I've been eating. LOL Tomorrow is day 1 of serious tracking again. And I'll be posting more often, I promise!!!


Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit: 10 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

1/2 quesadilla: 5 pts

Hamburger: 5 pts
Cape Cod reduced fat chips: 3 pts

More chips: 3 pts

More chips: Ugh

Thank God for tomorrow!!!
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