Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I went to a Body Scultping class at the YMCA and then felt sorta "eh" about it, so my friend and I decided to stay for the Step class. Um, wow. Kicked my butt! Like, way harder than running 10 miles! I'm sure I earned 5 APs at least. :) My forearms are aching just typing this. I'm going to be sore tomorrow......

Anyway, day was good. I was on carpool duty for preschool today. Then, after class the boys had "creative movement" time. Bascially is mini steps towards soccer. It was really cute. :) After that we rushed home, got changed for my sculpting class. After my workout I was VERY happy to order Thai take out. I have 1 cup of Pad Thai and 1 cheese roll. YUM! Now I'm barely awake (it's only 9:30pm) and I'm eager to crawl into bed.

Amelia and I did venture out to Whole Foods after dropping the boys off at school. I finally found the infamous "Vita Muffins." I got the chocolate ones that reminded me of the WW muffins I always eat. OMG they were so good! And the best news is that they are only 1 point! That's a hot find if you ask me.

Oh, and I got on the scale after my shower from class and I was down to 142.6! That's good, huh?

Here's my tracker:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Chicken Salad from a fabulous place near us call Pangea ( . I got the Chicken Tandoori Salad. I'm guestimating it to be roughly 6 pts

Vitamuffin: 1 pt
Handful of crackers: 1 pt

1 cup Pad Thai: 7 pts
1 cheese roll: 4 pts
1 glass of wine: 3 pts

Total: 28 pts
APs earned: 4 pts
Flex Used: 2 pts

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