Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weight Watchers=Creativity&Planning

So, I've been thinking a lot about what made me stay OP for most of the last 15 months. What helped me get so focused to lose 42 lbs (not including the 41 lbs I lost immediately postpartum). OMG- did I really shed 83 lbs total???!!! I mean, granted, some of that was baby- but still!!!! Wow. Ok, got off on a tangent..... :) Anyway, I've learned that creativity plays a huge role in my weight loss.

The Flex Plan frees me up to really play around with points and make it work. For example, tonight I had chicken, roasted potatoes and stirfied veggies for dinner. I ate small portions and by 9pm I was hungry. Well, I was out of points. Hey- that's what flexies are for! So, I decided I wanted another "mini" dinner. I made a 1/2 pizza quesadilla (1 low carb tortilla, tomato paste, pizza seasonings, 1 oz mozzerella cheese and fresh spinach) and then had a cocoa via bar for dessert. All only 5 pts. This is where I believe WW's always lets you indulge if you need to. Flexies are truly amazing!

Now, I have 5 Flex left until Monday. Here's where the creativity comes in. Because I know I'm low on flexies, I'll need to pace myself with points. I really, really want to make Lifetime on Monday- so I have no choice but to stay OP. I have 2 options. 1: I eat very low points "mini" meals all day so that I don't feel deprived. And 2: earn some serious APs! I looked at everything as a challenge I'd have victory over when I started WW's over a year ago. I can do the same today.

Here's my tracker:

VitaMuffin: 1 pt (LOVE THESE!)
Mocha: 3 pts

Turkey Sandwich with lite mayo, no cheese: 3 pts
Honey Mustard pretzel thins: 2 pts

ANOTHER VitaMuffin: 1 pts
100 cal Coke: 2 pts

2 oz chicken breast: 2 pts
Roasted potatos: 5 pts
Stirfried Veggies: 0 pts
Micelob Ultra: 2 pts

1/2 pizza quesadilla: 3 pts
Cocoa Via bar: 2 pts

Total: 26 pts
Flex used: 6 pts
No APs today

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candace smartt said...

awesome jen! let us know how you did!

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