Saturday, September 08, 2007

I come to you with my tail tucked under my legs, sulking. I've been bad. Not too awful, but definitely haven't even tracked points in weeks. Scale shows. I was 145lbs this morning. Wha???!!!! Good news is that I'm still marathon training, so I'm burning lots of calories. I'm going back to meetings. I haven't been in months due to crazy busy life lately. But life will always be crazy, so that excuse really doesn't hold up now does it?

I'm going back to my Monday evening meeting. That was the meeting I loved the most. The leader was awesome and I left the kids at home to fully focus on everything. So, that's what I need to do. :)

I'm going to post my tracker today just to give you an idea of how I've been eating. LOL Tomorrow is day 1 of serious tracking again. And I'll be posting more often, I promise!!!


Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit: 10 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

1/2 quesadilla: 5 pts

Hamburger: 5 pts
Cape Cod reduced fat chips: 3 pts

More chips: 3 pts

More chips: Ugh

Thank God for tomorrow!!!

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Candace Smartt said...

Jen, you look great.
I know it's hard to stabalize your weight while you are training. I gained ALOT of my weight directly after the marathon. I think it was because I was burning SO many calories training, my body was requiring more fuel (eating more)...then after i stopped training and took a body was used to eating extra calories, but i wasn't burning them off. Nothing that I did - exercise - (beyond train for another marathon) would get the weight off....i had to readjust my caloric input. It's hard on your body when you are training - at least it was hard for me.
I know it's frustrating...but you look great!

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