Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I made LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally after piddling for months I got my focus back and accomplished Lifetime status at WWs. Now I just have to maintain my weight (not to exceed 2 lbs of goal) and I don't have to pay to go to meetings anymore! Thank God because I have a feeling I'll be the dorky Lifetimer that actually goes every week. LOL I need meetings like the desert needs the rain. Remember that song?
Man, I'm punchy.

On the down side, I decided to opt out of the Thanksgiving Day Marathon. :( I decided the training schedule was just too much for me in my stage of life with small kids, my doula work and of course my time with hubby. The schedule only gets more intense and I feel painted in a corner with my time. So, Ed and I both decided I wouln't be a total loser if I "postponed" my marathon. I'm still running the half marathon in October, so I'm not totally slacking. :) Good news is that I'm addicted to running, so even though I'll be running less distance, I'll still be running 4-5 days a week.

Okay, my mom is in town and we've got lots to do today!

I'll stay OP, I promise!

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