Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hey my friends!

I was called out to a birth at 3:45am this morning. Short and to the point and now I'm back at home (it's 9am). I have a grande mocha that I picked up on the way home and hope that gets me through the afternoon until Ed gets home. I've got another mom due any minute now too- so I have a feeling I'll get a nap in and then be off at a birth again! I love my job...

Sorry I haven't been posting the last few days. I've just been busy I guess. I weighed in yesterday at 139 lbs! Yah, no paying WWs! My leader Dee was there and got onto me for not coming to meetings anymore. She's right, I need to get back and sit for a meeting here soon.

Today is a big off, but my plan is to stay strictly OP and then use all my Flex for my Book Club on Friday night. I'll be making Cheesy Beer Dip and plan to eat most of it. :)

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