Monday, March 31, 2008

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt is in the freezer...

But I'm not going have any. I really want some, but I've begun a new week and ate all my points plus 8 flex today. Plus, I'm still full from dinner. So I can't even claim that good old pregnant hunger.

Here's my tracker:

All Bran cereal w/ skim milk: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Moe's Homewrecker Burrito with the works: 15 pts
Chips/salsa: 4 pts

Chili: 6 pts
Two slices whole wheat sourdough bread: 4 pts
1 dark chocolate dove egg: 2 pts

Total: 37 pts
Used 9 Flex

No work out today. Still getting over this cold.

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