Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Ack! Okay, maybe I need to reevaluated my points. I do not want to gain that rapidly. :) It's hard because I have a normal 2 lb weight fluctuation, but I think I've just been over doing it on eating. It also doesn't help that I've been stuck indoors since Sunday. No activity at all.

So, Let's say 25 pts a day. I don't want to lose, I want to maintain. I think that'll be enough.

I'm going to try and make it to Total Body today. My kids appear better and I feel much better. So we'll see. I need some activity. I'm craving it. I feel like a slug. I didn't end up going to the Y yesterday because Amelia was still coughing and I don't want to bring a sick kid into the Y. Then I though about getting on the treadmill and then just felt tired. Figured I'd listen to my body and take a break.

Unfortunately I had a big ass blueberry bagel this morning for breakfast. Then I smothered it in what I thought was ff cream cheese. Um, no. I was Light cream cheese. So 5 pts for the bagel, 2 pts for the cream cheese- that's a 7 pt breakfast. Ugh. Oh well. It'll keep me full for a while. I always struggled with getting truly full at breakfast. I'm usually starving by lunch. My meals tend to be: Breakfast at 8am. Lunch at 11am. And dinner at 4:45 ish. No joke! I'm an early eater. I might as well join the old farts at Picadilly. My neighbors make fun of me. "Jen, you're eating at 5pm and your kids are in bed by 7pm!" I can't help it, that's just our natural cycle.

Okay.....I'm off!

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