Monday, April 07, 2008

Deep Water...

Water Aerobics

I went to a water aerobics class called Deep Water today. I wasn't really intimidated at all about it, other than having not ideally touched up my "kudzu." I had "touched" it up a couple days ago, but we all know what kudzu can do in a matter of days....


Well I showed up and thought: "This is going to be easy!" There were only two of us there under the age of 60. The instructor was late 60's I believe. I hopped in the pool and just started treading. The instructor was so sweet and gave me the run down on all the moves before we started. She said I'd need a noodle to wear b/w my legs since I've not done this before. I took it and planned to abandon it eventually. Most of the women didn't use one. I thought: "Sweetie, I do Heat. I do not need a stupid noodle!" We started.

I was served a piece of humble pie.

It was hard! Very challenging. Very good workout! Your in the water, so your cool and don't feel any sweat, but you're working hard!!! It felt really good. And now I'm tired. The class in MWF at 9am. That's perfect for me. I hope to make it at least two days a week. The other days I'll catch a Heat, Total Body or Body Sculpt class. It's nice to change things up.

So far today:

Lender's Whole Wheat Bagel: 3 pts
WW 1 pt cream cheese serving: 1 pt

Mocha: 3 pts

Whole Wheat Fettucine with roasted peppers and feta sauce (homemade!): 5 pts
Salad with romaine, artichokes and tomatoes with pesto vinegarette.: 3 pts
Brussle sprouts: 0 pts
1 Slice whole wheat sourdough bread: 2 pts

I'm thawing a whole chicken out tonight for dinner. I'll probably roast it with some veggies and salad.

Oh! Morning scale reading: 140.8

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