Thursday, April 03, 2008


I was at a birth all day yesterday. 13 hour shift! I did my best on the eating front. I'm trying to stick mostly to Core foods, but still be aware of my points. I got on the scale and it was back down to 140.2 lbs. Yah!! My goal is to roughly maintain this weight through the first trimester.

Here's my tracker from Yesterday. Not perfect, but food choices were limited to hospital cafeteria.

2 hardboiled eggs: 4 pts
mocha: 3 pts

1/2 a turkey sandwich on whole wheat (with cheese and mayo): 6 pts
Chips (ahem): 5 pts

Kashi granola bar: 4 pts
apple: 0 pts ( I don't count apples)

Chicken Parmesean: 6 pts
Collard greens: 0 pts

Breadstick: 3 pts

Total: 31 pts

I know I earned some APs. I was constantly on my feet doing massage all day and running back and forth.

Anyway, today is a much more controlled environment. :) I'm going to stick to core today. We do have dinner plans at a friend's house. They'll be making fish tacos!!! My job is to bring cheese dip and chips. But I'm going to have to be very limited on that. Chips and cheese dip are my downfall. LOL I'll probably make some guacamole too. I can put that on the tacos.

Here's my rough draft tracker for today:

2 hardboiled eggs: 4 pts
apple: 1 pts

FF popcorn: 3 pts for bag

Lunch: (don't know yet-probably a salad with chicken)

2 Fish Tacos: 10 pts
Chips: 3 pts
Guacamole: 3 pts

Projected total: 28 ish

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Anonymous said...

I'm so inspired by your dedication. I've got to get my butt over to your hood and take one of these classes with you some time. I have a feeling you will kick my sad sorry butt! I'm proud of you!

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