Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies...

They were delivered at my door yesterday and they're still left this morning! I had 5 Somoas and 3 thin mints. That's not bad for me! I used some Flex, but hey that's what they're for. I plan to take the rest to my book club on Friday. That is ALSO where I plan to eat mass quantities of the Cheesy Beer Dip I'm bringing.


I'm planning to get to the YMCA for something today. I missed my turbo kick class yesterday due to a birth and I'm already feeling lazy. It will either be a Body Sculpt or a Power Step class. I'm leaning toward a Power Step class because it's more cardio. That means it will burn my fat. Me likey.


B: WW muffin: 3 pts

S: mocha: 3 pts

L: Lean Cuisine Panini: 7 pts
Apple: 1 pt
Spinach salad with ff dressing: 0 pts

S: Fruit....

D: Homemade Turkey Burgers on whole wheat buns: 5 pt
Broccoli: o pts

I'll update later!

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