Saturday, January 05, 2008

I finally decided to really track my alcohol consumption. Not that I'm putting them down like crazy, but I wanted to make sure that glass of wine was actually 2 pts. Well, it's not. I poured my typical glass of wine and then used my WW scale to measure the ounces. Turns out my glass of wine is 4 pts! I'm not drinking 2 oz, I'm drinking 4 oz. Ugh. This explains a lot. The bottom line is that alcohol is point costly. I might scale back.... :)

I do have some food finds to report!

Jimmy Dean's Lite Breakfast Sandwich is 5 pts and very good! Ed let me sleep in today and I woke up craving breakfast food, but did not want to cook. I made one of these and feel very satisfied. I dipped it in ketchup because I'm a condiment addict and secretly use an ungodly amount of ketchup/hot sauce/mustard on any given food item. :)

La Tortilla Factory's Low Carb Tortillas actually taste more like flour tortillas than anything else I've tried. I'm a huge fan of Light Flat Out flatbread simply because it's 0 pts for one flatbread. But, you have to get past the taste. These low carb tortillas actually taste great and are 1 pt per tortilla. I've been making lots of quesadillas with them. I'll probably make a pizza with them tonight.

Tostitos Lite Tortilla Chips. Can you tell I'm on a Mexican kick? Granted, these do have Olestra in them, but they are only 2 pts for 6 chips. I usually break the chips up to make more. I eat them as a snack- dipping in salsa, hummus, ff ranch dressing.

I went to another Heat class yesterday and there was a sub. Not that I'm against subs, but it's just no the same. I felt like my workout wasn't as challenging. But, nonetheless, I did it. I think I'm going to try a Spin class soon. I just need to get one of those gel seat pads (per my Spin experienced friends). Apparently the hoo ha would get a beating if I don't use one. So, there ya have it!

I might try to run today. It depends on how the kids are and whether the time presents itself. I won't stress if I can't fit it in though. I woke up intending to take Fischer to the Y and swim in the indoor pool with him, but turns out we have no swim suit for him. He's outgrown everything and I gave away his summer clothes. But he lost interest in going anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal.

I used 14 of my Flex last night. We had people over and enjoyed chips and salsa and drinks. We also enjoy Rockband for the XBOX. I love it and I'm good damn it! I play the drums and I have to say I'm addicted. :) Hey, and it doesn't hurt to actually get some movement in too huh?

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