Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I would prefer not to awaken the way I did this morning. After a night of Amelia waking us up every hour with wimpers (teething) and no really solid sleep, Ed gets up and what do ya know? Amelia has once again opened her diaper up and smeared her poop all over the floor. This happens more than I would like to admit. *sigh*

Ed was being nice after I begged him to let me sleep in. He said: "Okay- but you're up in 45 mins." Deal! Then I heard what transpired outside my bedroom door. I knew Amelia struck again. I swear my life is all about the poop. I use cloth diapers and if I'm not washing poop, then I'm stepping in it or touching it by accident or something. I know Amelia is ready to potty train because she is always taking off her diapers. She's peed a couple time in the potty and thinks it cool. I think I'm a little gun shy because Fischer still isn't 100% trained and he's 4 years old!!! I bet if I locked myself inside the house for 4 days with a naked Amelia, she'd get it. But in the mean time, her poop is the most beloved medium for her art.

After the mess was cleaned (chunks removed by Ed and thorough scrubbing by me) I took the kids to leave. We ran errands, went to Starbucks, went to Target to pick out a new lunch box for Amelia (her first day of preschool is tomorrow) and then I took both kids to Felini's Pizza (Or "Pizza House" as Fischer calls it) for lunch. It was nice. I actually liked my kids today. Minus the poop.

I was so busy that I forgot to eat lunch. But here's my tracker/plan for today:

B: nothing

S: mocha: 3 pts

L: Spinach and Mushroom Slice of Pizza: 7 pts
Salad: 3 pts

S: Fruit (2 servings): 2 pt

D: TIlapia with steamed brccoli: 4 pts

S: More fruit: 1 pt

Total: 20 pts
Flex used: 1 pt

If I get in some activity, then I won't have to use any more Flex. We'll see......

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