Monday, January 21, 2008

It's 11:30am and I've already eaten 8 pts (not including lunch). I'm so "snacky" lately. I just want to munch on things all day long. I ate 2 whole grain waffles for breakfast and then ended up eating some of the kid's pretzels mid morning. I hate it when I end up eating something I didn't plan at all. Like pretzels. Who just *craves* pretzels? I could have had a grand mocha (my fav snack evah) than some silly pretzels. Now...chocolate covered pretzels would be a different story....

It's MLK day and my YMCA and WW's center is closed. Ed still has to work, so I'm trying to figure out when I'll have time to get a good cardio workout in. I usually do Heat on Mondays. Ed said he may get off early and I can go run. I'l probably do my usual 5 miler. I hope it's not too cold. We'll see.

I'm going to keep lunch lite. Maybe a 2 point Pizza Quesadilla or a Progresso soup. I've found myself with only 4 pts for dinner lately and it really doesn't work well for me. I like to have 2 pts after dinner to play with for a snack. And I like a dinner with substance. So, ideally I like to have about 8 pts left for dinner and dessert. It might be helpful to subtract those points at the beginning of the day instead of counting down. That might help me.


Spaghetti squash always saves my ass! It's 0 pts and I literally subsitute it for pasta. So I poured 1/4 cup marinara on it and added my 1 pt roll for a 1 pt lunch. WWs requires serious creativity sometimes. So, here's my tracker for today- including my meal plan for the day. I need more fruit cause I suck at that.


B: 2 wholegrain waffles, sf syrup, and ICBINB (fake butter stuff) 4pts

S: too many pretzels: 4 pts

L: Speghetti Squash with marinara and a roll: 1pt

S: Dbl tall, nf, no whip mocha: 3pts

D: Oven fried chicken, steam broccoli with lemon juice and Mrs. Dash: 5 pts

S: Two servings of fruit: apple and grapes probably: 2 pts

I plan to run b/w 3-4 APs running too. So that will allow for my 2 pt WW icecream cone.

***another update***

Ran 4 miles with a 10:34 pace!!

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