Monday, January 07, 2008

141.2 lbs

That's what the scale said today! I'm almost back in the 130 lbs. I was actually getting discouraged a few days ago because I had been around 142 and then the scale creeped back up to 144 yesterday, despite being strictly OP. Then yesterday I went to a birthday tea for my friend and my other friend Corrie said I needed to drink more water. I have been loading up on sodium and caffeine lately and little water. So I drank 2 big glasses of water before bed and 2 glasses when I woke up. I feel much better.

Today's agenda:

Stay OP (Check)

Go to my 10:45am Heat class (Did it and it nearly killed me)

Go to grocery (Check)

Do my weekly cooking today (Doing as I type)

Wash a gazillion loads of laundry (Did one)

Prep for a prenatal visit with my client tomorrow (Printer broken)

Here's my rough tracker for today:

Jimmy Dean's Lite Breakfast Sandwich: 5 pts
Mocha; 3pts

Activity points:
Heat: +4 pts

4 pt quesadilla w/ 1 tbsp regular sour cream: 6 pts

Stuffed peppers: 6 pts

Total: 18 pts total
AP: 4 pts

So I have 4 pts to use for snacks or added meal sides.


Jennifer Carr said...

I've said it before, I'll say it look great, woman! You're my inspiration. And I meant to ask you...where did you get your great pants you had on at tea yesterday? I've been looking all over for some nice pants and can't find a single pair I like. Let me know!!

Lt. Steve said...

I saw where you went to New York and didn't find God. Looks like god was in Tucson that day. It's really just scheduling you know....Hey! Big fan, first time bloggerette. I'm on the wagon again. I'll probably top out at 220 and my goal is 199 so i was out last night with the Rotweiller, taking me for a drag. The weather was nice and i managed to stay under 24 points. Back in the gym this week.

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