Saturday, February 03, 2007

Updated Pics!

Took these this evening before going out to friend's birthday dinner. :) I'm roughly 144.8 lbs (according to my scale this morning). I'm actually surprised how thin I look in the profile shot. It's weird when you're so used to being "fluffy," seeing yourself thin.

I have 22 pts left for tonight. I have 14 daily pts left and 8 flex. I'm not going to drink (to reduce pts) and just going to have some small indulgences. I'm looking forward to getting out! :)

I met up with a friend today and ran a little over 3 miles. We ran through the city and boy was the wind harsh. It would be warm in the sun and then abruptly change as we went around buildings and got into the shade. It's hard to run against wind!

Anyway, I run again tomorrow.

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