Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ok, I need some help.

I've been way too loose this week. I'm getting into the habit of tracking my food at the end of the day, which is a major "no no." In addition to that, I have not gone for one run since Sat (my race). I definitely think it has to do with getting our house ready to sell. I've been painting and decluttering and it just eats up all my time and energy. And even though I know there are times in my life where I can't be 100% consistent, it scares me when I'm not. Mainly because consitency has played such a role in my success. But, being honest with myself is has also played a big role and so here I am.

Because of my current circumstance of being on a time crunch to get this house done, I'm going to shoot to just do 2 runs a week. So between now and Monday I'd like to get 2 runs on.

As far as eating, I need to be aware of my points as the day goes on. It keeps me on track. I have one major thing Friday night where Ed has made reservations at this amazing restaraunt ( My plan is to enjoy my dinner there and taste a little bit of everything. It's one of those places you don't eat at often because it's $$$$$$$$$$$, so I'm going to allow myself that indulgence. I probably have 5 flex left if I were being honest with myself. Remember my "plan" to save my flex for Friday????? Lol This means I need to be a good girl and stay below Daily points for the rest of the week. I'll eat light on Friday to make room for the yummy dinner.

Ok, I already feel better getting this out. I'm been on auto pilot and just need to reign myself in. The cool thing is that I've lost the last 2 weeks, so I'm not losing ground, just trying to stay on track with my mind and approach towards food.

Daily Tracker:

Venti Mocha=5 pts

Rotisseri Chicken pcs= 5 pts (I had some with skin)
Brown Rice= 3 pts

Handful of carrots= 0 pts

Amy's Organic Chili (out of the can)= 8 pts
roll= 1 pt

Total: 22 pts

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yeahwright said...

I too have been having some problems, last week I ate snacks after everyone was in bed and didn't track them. I gained 2 pounds. I have never gained 2 pounds in a week since starting. You do sound busy with the house and all, and I feel your pain. As you probably know from the WW site, I too have my house up for sale. Maybe because you have been loosing and doing so well, you subconsiously think it's "okay"? That's my problem cuz I'm so close to goal. You have inspired me to join a running club in my area, which is just starting at the end of March, so as to ease people in slowly. Have great time tonight and hope your home is warmer. :)

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