Monday, February 26, 2007

Down 2.8 lbs! I'm officially 5 lbs from goal! *Deep Breaths*

I was also able to run 3 miles today too. So I'm feeling good.

Here's my daily tracker:

WW muffin=3 pts

Lean Pocket= 6 pts
Corn on the cob= 1 pt
Sf/ff chocolate pudding= 1pt

Cinnamon bun=6 pts
Latte= 2 pts

Willy's salad= 9 pts
Chips/salsa= 4 pts

Slim-a-bear icecream bar=3 pts

Total: 35 pts
Flex Used: 10 pts
APs earned: 3 pts

It was my "splurge" day so that's I had some "naughty" things. :)

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